natural container house

The Comfortable Minimalist Container House

     Have you ever though to improve your life? Recently, life is not merely about having a large house and good food every day. People start to have new definition of quality life, referring to a life where you can express your potential to its most. It affects to the trend of living space, though. Container house is considered as a creative idea to give new definition of residence. Some people think that building a house from concrete, glass, and steel is no longerinteresting. Alternatively, storage container is chosen as the substitute of typical house. It is such a surprise to find out container house can be as comfortable as concrete house.



Container House Maximize Storage
Maximize Storage


maximize storage container house type
maximize storage type


grey container house
grey house


minimalist dark color container house
minimalist dark color
Minimalist Container House Ideas

      Reusing shipping container is actually a creative idea to reduce the industrial waste. In the other side, it offers you nice living space with all its benefits. Container house can be a solution to recent space problem regardless to some lacks it has. Interested to have one? Then you need the inspiring ideas for minimalist container house as follow:


white container house and minimalist
house and minimalist


wide angle container house
wide angle


Container House Natural Style Urban
Natural Style Urban


Urban Container House
Urban style

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  • Container guest house

       Living around tourism area gives you benefits, one of which is starting guest house business. Apart from the strict competition in this industry, you can catch guest’s attention by building a container house. Shipping container house is a wonderful idea for guest house as it has perfect size for one room. You can recycle the container and modify some parts to make it guest-friendly. Cut out some sides and replace with large glass windows. It allows your guest to enjoy outdoor view without leaving their sleeping space.


container house blend with nature
blend with nature


minimalist container house in a house
minimalist in a house


modern container house in a house
modern in a house


container house blend with nature and minimalist style
blend with nature and minimalist style


Simple Container House
  • Two-story container house

       Who says you do not have many options when using shipping container as a house? With the right choice, you can make a two-story comfortable guest house. The old container is transformed into modern-minimalist living space which is dominated by white shade. The furniture choice reflects modern concept adopted by the house. One end that is modified with large glass window creates cozy feeling inside the container.

white container house
white  house


red two story container house
red two story


natural two side container house
natural two side

  • Container house in a house

        Whenever you have a desire to live in a container house but cannot leave your old house, this idea is what you are looking for. Why don’t you bring the container to the house? Combining concrete and container house will create wonderful idea that will define your statement. Instead of using the shipping container as a main house, you can use it as a secondary house or otherwise. Stack the container and build a special room that is only for you. It can also be a perfect place for kids.

modern container house


modern and minimalist container house
modern and minimalist


homy container house

  • Blend with nature container house

     One good thing that you can find from container house is the fact that you can choose almost any place to build a house. If you feel living in an urban area is too much, opt for natural place. Build a container house in an open nature and you will have a really cozy minimalist house as part of nature.

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    After all, shipping container is a breakthrough for a living space. Apart from the controversy of using recycled container, it offers many benefits such as affordable cost as well as practicality. Furthermore, container is also easy to modify that will help you get the most comfortable space to live in.

natural container house


Container House Natural Style Urban
Natural Style Urban


Container House Maximize Storage Wooden Style
Maximize Storage Wooden Style


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