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Custom Homes Designed for Accomodating big Families

   Home and family are important things in the world. In modern area, family means parents and their children, usually in small numbers. The Custom homes should have enough space to keep each member enjoy to live and stay there. What about family with many members? Of course, the home needs more spaces to keep them at confortable living situation. It does not mean minimalist design cannot support big family. There are few ideas to bring impossible thinking about minimalist into reality in order to manage many people.

The Top Minimalist Home Ideas for Big Families

   Minimalist design is more than small space or size. The home that adopts this design still has enough room. You can apply this idea for apartment, residential house, farmhouse, even big castle. Before going further, first thing to consider is about family member who will live there. In fact, the family is categorized as big if there are more than four people who live in at a single house.

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  • Custom homes : High ceiling style

   The first idea about minimalist design is high ceiling style. If you cannot expand the house space horizontally, using height is the top choice for minimalist style. You have two options to apply this idea. Firstly, change the top ceiling with reducing unnecessary space in attic. Get rid of ceiling and blend the attic with the room located directly below it. The second option is redecorating ceiling. Increasing the height is possible with changing ceiling paint and ornament.

  • Custom homes : Farmhouse design

   Farmhouse is usually for relaxed home in remote or rural area. The home with farmhouse style has vast garden or backyard. The interior is only for sleeping, resting, and dining. Sometimes, you might dine outdoor at backyard with family. Well, let your family wanders around outdoor living.

  • Custom homes : Home with many windows

   Window helps to expand vision and perspective. Small house looks tight without any space to move around. It happens because the entire exterior is wall. You can add more windows with glass material in order to bring expanded view. Add this idea to particular room, like living room and bedroom.

  • Custom homes : Movable separation

   Minimalist concept focuses on functionality in each room. Instead of using permanent wall, you can apply removable or foldable partition as the wall. Install folding wall between one room and another. For example, you can put this wall to separate kitchen and dining room. Due to limited space, just put dining table in living room. If you need privacy, add foldable wall.

  • Custom homes : More floors upward

   With limited land and space, one solution is to expand upward or vertically. You can build home with several floors upward. It saves the environment because it has enough open area for backyard or garden. Of course, this idea is only applicable for residential house, not apartment. Each idea is unique yet applicable to support minimalist home design for many people. You might start to build home from scratch or redecorate the existing room. Make sure to choose the most suitable one, and do not forget to adjust with surrounding.

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