Various Bathroom Designs for Moderate Room

Modern life emphasizes bathroom design as the important space. In past time, people did not put much effort for bathroom. Before decorating it, you need to measure how much he space you have. Moderate room can be designed with vast options to find the right decoration. In general, you can try any design that suits the small and big space to fit into moderate room.


  • Plain and modern

Plain style looks modern as the bathroom only has the things what you need. It uses white for the floor tile and wall without much accent. You can install sink, tub, shower room, and additional furniture to support your activity.



Plain Bathroom | Source Pict :



Plain and Modern | Source Pict :



modern bathroom | Source Pict :



modern bathroom | Source Pict :



Modern bathroom | Source Pict :



Modern and calm | Source Pict :



Modern and wooden accent | Source Pict :



Luxury Bathroom | Source Pict :



Elegant Accent | Source Pict :



Luxury style | Source Pict :


  • Pebble floor style

If you want a little bit attractive touch, try pebble floor. Using pebble or stone as the floor tile brings several benefits. It helps to control water and safety in order to keep you from slippery accident. Moreover, you can bring the natural accent as well.



Pebble Floor 1 | Source Pict :



pebble floor style | Source Pict :



Pebble style | Source Pict :



Pebble floor | Source Pict :



Bathroom inspiration | Source Pict :


  • Bathroom Design : Traditional bathroom

Several decades ago, bathroom started to attract home designer. Traditional style became the most common design to apply because it’s easy and not much cost to spend. This kind of style focuses on functionality without getting rid of artistic touch. The color is plain with simple cabinet.

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  • Relaxing and invigorating wallpaper

Another way to decorate bathroom is using wallpaper. You has unlimited ideas for such matter depending on your personal preference. One of good examples is sea, river, or lake wallpaper. You can create bathroom as if you are in wilderness. Install the river and waterfall decoration that’s integrated to bathroom wallpaper. Good thing about it is you can replace the wallpaper anytime easily without changing the entire room design.


Every decoration for specific room size has alternative for others. You will find that moderate room size has man advantages because it’s capable to adjust with style, from the small to big room. The style should bring relaxed and invigorating nuance to wash away your fatigue and create cheerful feeling after bathing.


relaxing bathroom | Source Pict :



relaxing bathroom | Source Pict :



Bathroom Design
Bathroom Standing Shower | Source Pict :




Relax style | Source Pict :



Bathroom Design
relaxing bathroom style | Source Pict :



super rilex design | Source Pict :

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