Exclusive and Comfortable Bathroom Design for Luxurious Rooms

Luxury bathroom is determined from many aspects, such as flooring, wall, bathroom apparel, furniture, and the room size itself. In order to bring luxury touch into bathroom, you have things to do. Keep in mind luxury is about feeling exclusive, not related to trick and money entirely. You can deliver the best bathroom with luxurious touch with affordable budget. In this case, design is the key because everything starts from the way bathroom is decorated and furnished.

  • Tech savvy bathroom

This is the simplest thing to project luxurious atmosphere. Nowadays, many bathroom tools and equipment use advanced technology. For example, you can control steam humidity, water temperature, and water flow easily. You just add more technologies in bathroom in order to fulfill the luxury, functionality, and capacity. Install floor heating and add standing tub with sparkle appearance. The tech needs proper design to blend and project. You can use neutral colors, such as white and grey.



Tech savvy | Source Pict : https://commons.wikimedia.org



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bathroom | Source Pict : https://www.flickr.com



Bathroom Design | Source Pict : https://www.cannon.af.mil



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bathroom | Source Pict : https://www.flickr.com


  • Classic style bathroom

Some people still consider that having old style is fancy and luxury. That’s quite true, but you should improve some aspects. To bring luxury projection in classic style, you can start with furniture, floor and wall coloring, then bathroom configuration. Your design refers to the era where having bathroom is the most luxurious thing.



Classic Style | Source Pict : https://www.flickr.com



Bathroom | Source Pict : https://www.maxpixel.net



Modern and classic | Source Pict : https://www.pexels.com



Classic Bathroom | Source Pict : https://www.pexels.com



bathroom and classic | Source Pict : https://www.maxpixel.net


  • Bathroom Design : Minimalist style

Minimalist is the interesting style for bathroom. With limited space, you cannot add much decoration with full furniture and perks. To bring minimalist and luxury in the same page, you might consider increasing tech part and combining it with fancy wall and flooring installation. Just keep everything as simple as possible.

As it mentioned above, luxury is more than rich thing where only wealth people can buy. You need to focus on projection and perception inside people’s mind. Start from coloring, configuration and arrangement for every tool then make sure everything does not decrease the functionality.


Minimalist and modern Style | Source Pict : https://www.flickr.com



Bathroom Design
Minimalist and Elegant | Source Pict : https://www.flickr.com


Minimalist Bathroom | Source Pict : https://www.flickr.com


Bathroom Design
Wooden And Minimalist Style | Source Pict : https://www.flickr.com



Luxury and Minimalist | Source Pict : https://www.tripadvisor.com.ph


Bathroom Design
Modern And Minimalist | Source Pict : https://td-universe.com


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