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13 Best Traditional Indoor Light – Inspira Building

Traditional Indoor Light – Some people may think traditional house is not interesting and comfortable (Traditional Indoor Light Design).

The design may look less convenience compared to modern ones. 

In fact, it is not fully true.

The building and decorative style has nothing to do with comfort and calm sensation.


Well, modern house can be less comfortable when it is not designed well,

and the same cases happen for traditional house.

Related to comfort and design, lighting can bring good roles.


In fact,

without good and proper lighting, it is impossible to get comfortable house.


In this case,

there are some ideas of lighting to design your traditional house like “Traditional Indoor Light Design below”.


This can be great decorative idea.

Combination of traditional design and chandelier will bring great sensation to the house.

It makes the house attractive with its centered lighting.


To make it better,

dimmer switches can be added.

This will be helpful to set the level of lighting based on room condition.


Traditional Indoor Light Design
Traditional House and chandelier | Free Source pict :



Room with chandelier | Free Source Pict :


Traditional Indoor Light Design
Chandelier Inspiration | Free Source Pict :


Traditional Indoor Light Design
Room and Chandelier | Source pict :
  • Task lighting | Traditional Indoor Light Design

Chandelier will be the main source of lighting, but some spots may lack of light.

In this case,

the task lighting can be used. In traditional house,

some spaces may have some spots for doing certain activity.


in the case of living room, there can be tables or chairs to read the books or magazine.

For this, the task lighting can be added.


Traditional Indoor Light Design
Task Lighting Lamp | Free Source Pict :



Traditional Task Lighting | Free Source Pict :


Traditional Indoor Light Design
Traditional Lamp Lighting |  Free Source Pict :


traditional lamp lighting | Free Source Pict :
  • Wall-mounted lamps | Traditional Indoor Light Design

This can be added when the wall have some ornaments or large spaces.

The lamps provide lighting,

but they can also be good to spots paintings, photos, and other things on the wall.


Those are some simple ideas of lighting for traditional house.

The main point is to provide sufficient lighting.


To make it better,

choosing fixture of lamps can be done to get great designs for the rooms.



the most important things is to pay attention to the level of lighting since this plays important roles in creating comfort.


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Chandelier wall mounted | Free Source Pict :


Lighting Lamp | Free Source Pict :


Wall Mounted Lamp | Free Source pict :


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