People love traditional house design as the accents and designs can bring comfort.

But of course,

it is not easy to choose and design the house.

There can be many considerations, especially when it is for big family.



it does not mean it is impossible to get the house.

If you are in this condition, these ideas can be helpful for you.


  • Big traditional houses | Traditional House Design

The first consideration is about the size.

Since it is for many people who love to do things together, having quite big house is good idea.

By choosing this, enough space can be shared for the rooms.



doing many activities can be done there comfortably.


Japanese Traditional House | Free Source Pict :


Traditional House | Source Pict :


Village House Traditional | Free Source Pict :


Traditional and old | Free Source Pict :


Traditional old architecture | Source Free Pict :


Simple and traditional | Free Source Pict :
  • Out of the city or town | Traditional House Design

Then, based on those criteria, choosing house that’s quite far from towns is the good options.


it is easier to get traditional house with large space in this area.

You will have higher chances to get one.


Since it has distance from the town, calm sensation of its architecture can be the good things to obtain.


Traditional House Out of the city | Free Source Pict :


Village View in Tradition | Free Source Pict :


Japan Village Traditional
Japan Village Traditional | Free Source Pict :


Cottage countryside home | Free Source Pict :


Summer house home | Free Source Pict :
  • Garden | Traditional House Design

It is great to do things together in garden.

Barbecues, garden parties, and other activities can be done outdoor when you have traditional house with garden.

This can be front yard or backyard, depending on the availability and your option.


These ideas surely give you some points to consider in choosing the right house to stay.

Surely, it is never easy to get good house and sometimes it takes time.


Since it is about house where your family is going to stay there,

clear consideration must be made, so there will be no disappointment in the future.


You may also discuss with your family to get the other point of view.

Well, it is better to have more people to think about something.


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house garden and lake | Free Source Pict :


garden and mountain | Free Source Pict :


Beautiful garden and grass traditional house
Beautiful garden and grass | Free Source Pict :


house and garden
house and garden | Free Source Pict :


Old nature house
Old nature house | Free Source Pict :

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