how to build steps with pavers

Simple Tutorial (DIY) : How to Build Steps with Pavers

How to build steps with paversPatio steps that build from pavers offers functional yet aesthetic path access to connect two different points at your residence.

Read how to build steps with pavers below to get a deeper insight over the matter.

It may help you to build sturdy and safe steps as your own project.


  1. Evaluate the shape, size, and material

Building patio steps typically require two main measurements, which are the rise/height and the run/distance.


  1. Lay the pavers to mimic the steps construction

Set a row of block as the lowest part of the steps.

Then lay another row above the first layer with slightly overlap section between both.


  1. Affix each row of the paver steps

Starting from the very bottom, remove the paving slabs,

and put a thick cement adhesive layer (about ½ inch inside the traced area).

Lay and press the block down into the top of cement adhesive of pavers’ rows.


  1. Repeat the process

Next step on how to build steps with pavers is to install the remaining steps of the pavers.

Build them by using the exact same procedure as the first.


  1. Fill in-between the pavers and steps

Well, once you have completed to base the paver steps and wait it to dry about 2 to 4 hours,

it is time to fill the visible gaps. Inspect each of the layer and the visible gaps to prevent weed growth.

Fill the pavers edge too if you don’t use capstones.


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Whether your paver’s steps are just a small project or a larger one with bigger area,

knowing how to build steps with pavers is necessary.


By incorporating paving, you would get a texture and color to add into the exterior design of your house.

It also helps that this material is relatively affordable and available widely.

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