how to Lay paving slabs on a slope
how to Lay paving slabs on a slope

Easy to Follow Guide : How to Lay Paving Slabs on a Slope

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how to lay paving slabs on a slope If you want to add uniqueness and character to your backyard path,

garden, landscape, or entrance area, then installing paving might be your best bet.

It is not really difficult as long you know the basic technique.


installing it on tilted surface might be more complicated.

Here is how to lay paving slabs on a slope with only seven easy steps.

lay paving

  1. Decide the location

You have to determine where you want the pathway to be,

prior to preparing and working on the sloped area.

Mark the walkway’s outline with paint.

lay paving

  1. Get the ground ready

Cut through the grass and weed using lawn mower.

Once they are cleaned up, get rid of any obstacles such as rocks and roots, then rake until the surface is even and smooth.

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lay paving

  1. Set a border

Install a border on the side of area that you have chosen. You may use a stake to keep the border in place.

lay paving

  1. Spread gravels over the surface

Create a layer of gravels or crushed rock on top of the ground, with the thickness around couple of inches.

lay paving

  1. Lay the pavers

The next step on how to lay paving slabs on a slope is to install the paver, starting from the areas with lower altitude.

Start from the center to the side part.

lay paving

  1. Spread sand on top of the paving layer

To make sure that the paving slabs will stay in place, spread sand all over them and make it filled into the crevices and cracks.

lay paving

  1. Clean away the excess dirt

Once you’re done with laying the pavers, spray the walkway with water hose to remove any dirt on top of it.

lay paving

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lay paving

As long as you know how to lay paving slabs on a slope correctly, it can be an amazing DIY project.

lay paving

Paving slabs are easy to get, affordable, and quite simple to install yourself.

They are able to add new looks into your space.

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