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How to Cancel PlayStation Now – Easy 7 Steps

How to Cancel PlayStation Now – PlayStation Now is one of the many subscription-based services

from Sony that’s available from $9.99/month.


This premium service is offered for PS2 to the most recent launch PS5.


Considering that it costs $120 annually,

some people who opt for it but doesn’t use it much might want to halt the subscription.


Here’s how to cancel PlayStation Now in a few simple steps.


How to Cancel PlayStation Now
Playstation now – source: pushsquare


7 Steps on How to Cancel PlayStation Now


Sony crafted the PlayStation Now to carry conveniently for PS users by giving access to over 700 available games.


By using this service, you’d be able to stream and download games instantly between your console and PC.


Currently, it is only obtainable in 19 countries.


When it was first released back in 2015,

PlayStation Now didn’t get the hype and positive response as expected,

but it was understandable because the concept of streaming games was quite unfamiliar at that time.


Fast forward to several years ahead,

the act of streaming games has become the norm,

even very much advanced in terms of the games’ resolution (1080p to 4k).


The details and sharpness of images may not be all that for PS2 and PS3, but they have become important to the PS4 because it detects low-quality images so much better.


There are three options of subscription plans in PlayStation Now,


monthly subscription at $19.99, three-month at $49.99, and annual one at $99.99.


To begin the plan,

you are eligible for a free trial for seven days which would turn into monthly membership automatically unless you change to another plan or cancel it.


cancel playstation now
cancel PlayStation now – source: TweakTown


If you wish to cancel your free trial or current plan, How to Cancel PlayStation Now

follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the PlayStation’s home screen
  2. Open menu of ‘Settings’ on the utmost right part of the options bar
  3. Choose a menu of ‘Account Management’
  4. Select menu of ‘Account Information’
  5. Scroll the page down to find menu of ‘PlayStation Subscriptions’ and then click on it
  6. Choose the type of subscription, which is ‘PlayStation Now’ in this case
  7. Click on ‘Turn off Auto-Renew’


How to Cancel PlayStation Now – The manufacturer will automatically turn on your funding within the settings of your account,

whether you’re on PlayStation Now free trial or subscribe to the premium plan.


It means even your PlayStation Network doesn’t have sufficient funds to renew,

you’d still be subjected to the charging fee through the registered method of payment in your account.


Read more: 


Therefore, make sure you cancel it properly instead of just not funding the e-wallet.


The cancellation of PS Now is applicable at any time.


playstation now images
How to Cancel PlayStation Now – playstation now images – source: Androidcentral


You won’t get any refunds for overpayments that have been made already. How to Cancel PlayStation Now.


PlayStation Now can be a worth service to subscribe from if you are someone who plays various games frequently,

judging from the range of available games it offers.



some shortfalls also have been reported such as latency and lag issues,

especially for the users who only have a broadband connection in less than 5Mbps speed.


In case you feel like it doesn’t bring good value of money anymore,

then feel free to quit the service by using the tutorial on how to cancel PlayStation Now above.

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