How to Make Brown
How to Make Brown

How to Make Brown Paint by Combining Several Colors Altogether

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How to Make Brown Paint – Brown may not be easily found as someone’s favorite color.

However, we cannot just resist it has its own charm either.

Coming in various shades and names, brown is widely found in our surrounding as an earthy color that expresses calm nuance and elegance.


What makes brown be called brown? Plus, in terms of paint, how to make brown paint? Let’s delve more in the making of this earthily elegant tone.


What Color Combination Can Result in Brown Paint?

How to Make Brown Paint – You should have known about the theory of primary colors. What colors are included to the squad?

There are only three: red, yellow, and blue.

No brown on the list, makes it to be put aside from the squad of primary colors.


Primary colors are said to be ‘the parents’ of all colors, meaning that gazillions of colors can be made by combining at least two of them.

There are times you should combine three tones altogether.


how to make brown
how to make brown


  1. Combining red, yellow, and blue paint – How to Make Brown Paint

If you are a person who works with paint, there must be times your paint is running out.


Having brown color run out is not an exception either, which at this point makes you wonder how to make brown paint.

Is it possible to make brown paint from the three primary colors?


Combine Red Yellow Blue
Combine Red Yellow Blue Paint –


The answer is yes, you can. Theoretically, brown paint is made by combining red, yellow, and blue paint.

However, as earlier mentioned, it takes you time to place a good combination.


Therefore, when you are running out of brown paint, you can just mix black and orange paint with more orange obviously.


The reason why people cannot just mix all three colors together is because the color wheel does not always work.


People expect to get purple by combining red and blue, but they do not specify what kind of red it is this method How to Make Brown Paint.



So, if you take it too literal, chances you will end up getting an unwanted color.


To elaborate, to make brown paint, you can combine three primary paint colors altogether, but don’t just expect it to successfully get the color in just one trial of mixing.


Plus, it is important to ensure the colors you are mixing the pure ones, meaning they do not have a pinch of any hues added beforehand.


  1. Combining black and orange paint to make brown paint

Your question on how to make brown paint can also be answered by mixing black and orange paint, as earlier stated.


Combine Black and Orange
Combine Bone Black and Pyrrole Orange –


This technique is easier and works better than combining three primary colors since the basic paint colors have already been secondary or tertiary color.


Well, the only thing you need to do is to adjust the amount of black.

Do not add too much, and it is advised to get it little by little until you get the brown paint you want.


How to Make Brown Paint with Acrylic and Watercolor Paint?

How to make brown paint using acrylic and watercolor paint? To make it, you will need:

  • Color paint in yellow, red, blue, white, and black.


Combine Yellow red blue white black
Combine Yellow red blue white black –


There will be names like cadmium red, cerulean blue or cadmium yellow.


You don’t have to get the exact name to get brown.

As long as it is within the hue of primary paint colors, you can use it (How to Make Brown Paint).

  • A painting palette
  • Paintbrush
  • Glass of water, to wash your brush
  • A palette knife
  • Paper towels to clean your brush after mixing


Below are the procedures on how to make brown paint from acrylic paint:

  1. Place red, yellow, blue, black, and white on your palette.
  2. Grab your palette knife, and get an approximately equal amount of red, blue, and yellow.
  3. It is time to get the fun blending these colors altogether to find the ‘primary’ brown.
  4. What will the black and white do? You can add these corrective colors to lighten and darken the brown. With these colors, you may have a plethora of brown shades, such as tan, beige, dark brown, and such.
  5. If you want to adjust the color, adding one of the primary colors will work as well.


Then how to make brown paint with watercolor?

It takes the similar way to make brown paint with acrylic paint.


You can have an experiment with various hues of red, blue, and yellow.


  1. Place your red, yellow, and blue watercolor paint onto a painting palette.
  2. With your painting brush or painting knife, blend the three colors altogether. See if this results in brown. Don’t mix this color with water yet, unless you got the color right already.
  3. Once you get the color, add white or black to lighten/darken the color.
  4. Lastly, have a small amount of water and mix it with the end color.


Alright, those are the techniques of how to make brown paint.

To sum it up, to make brown from other colors, you can make it by mixing all primary, secondary, and complimentary colors.


In addition, mixing paints according to a color formula guide will help you to obtain a more precise brown color – How to Make Brown Paint.


How Should You Make Brown Paint for Your Wall Paint?

Talking about how to make brown paint should not be far from the talk of procedures.


If you want to make brown paint for painting your house, there are various ways possible.


  1. Getting brown by using a color wheel

Simply said, a color wheel is an illustrative arrangement of color hues placed on a circle.

This wheel displays the relationships between primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.


There are also several alternatives to the name color wheel, such as color circle, Newton disc, color scale, or color chart. However, the most famous one is color wheel.


Using it to make brown paint is not really important if you’ve known what colors included into primary and secondary categories.


However, if you don’t understand these categorizations, check the explanation below.


  • Primary colors: red, yellow, and blue
  • Secondary colors: orange, green, and purple. These colors are obtained from mixing two primary colors altogether.
  • Tertiary colors are the ones found in-between the primary and secondary colors.


How to make brown paint using color wheel? Here is what you should do:

  • Mixing all primary colors

Prepare all three primary paint colors: red, yellow, and blue.

If you are planning to make brown paint to paint your house, it is safe to combine it in a large amount at one time.


Into a mixing bucket, blend your three paint colors until the brown comes.

To obtain brown color you want, you do not have to add equal amount of paint.


Instead, you can mix the color with different amount of each, and add little by little to rectify and get the hue you want.


  • Mixing all secondary colors to make brown paint

The procedure of how to make brown paint from secondary paint colors is similar to making brown paint from primary colors.

Combine all three secondary colors into one bucket, and blend them until they are evenly blended.


As a note, you can have a little amount of paint from each color if you are unsure that this trick will do.

While doing it with primary colors, you can have a trial as well.


  1. Blending complimentary colors

Complimentary colors have the opposite position each other in color wheel, for example, red and green, blue and orange, or purple and yellow.

How to make brown paint from these complimentary colors?


Try combining these pairs and see that each combo has slightly different brown color from another one.


  1. Getting the brown paint by using CMYK formula guide

Aside from making brown paint according to the theory of color wheel, you can use color formula guide.

It is usually utilized in the printing industry, so it may be a bit difficult to try on.


Moreover, it requires a lot of resources for buying the paint.

However, using this method will enable you to pick any brown shade you like and ensure its accuracy.


It requires more resources because the basic color space for the formula guide is CMYK, which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.


Hence, besides you have to prepare four base colors to get only one brown color, but you need to get magenta paint, plus to get the percentage of each color right.


You know, this CMYK formula guide has percentages for each color, for instance C:34%, M:56%, Y:48%, K:2%.


Whatever method you use to answer the question how to make brown paint, there are additional tips you can use to improve the color.

First, add lightness or darkness to your color.


Sometimes, brown you obtained is too light or too dark. To anticipate this, you can grab the white or black paint.


You already know the rest, adding white to your brown will lighten the brown.

Vice versa, adding black to the color will darken it.


Second, intensify or decrease the saturation.

To make the color more vivid, add more tones you once mixed.


In contrast, to make it dull, you can use grey to decrease the brown saturation.

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