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In fact, people often ask about how many calories in a hot dog.

Well, hot dog is such a joyful food.

It has delicious sausages, fluffy buns, and condiments.


It tastes absolutely delicious,

but it is actually never considered as a healthy food.


It is more like a merry food that you eat when you do not much care of calories.

Learn about hot dog’s calories below.


feature image: Photo by Andy Wang on Unsplash


How Many Calories in a Hot Dog of All Types?

plain hot dog
plain hot dog – Photo by Jessica Loaiza on Unsplash


  1. The Plain Hot Dog

Plain hot dog is just basically white bun and the meat.

They do not have any condiments and usually seasoned with salt and pepper only.


Plain hot dog has calories count approximately 250 calories per serving”.

This is the lowest one of all types of hot dog.


Hot dog with cheese
Hot dog with cheese – Photo by Victoria Shes on Unsplash


  1. Hot Dog with Cheese

Hot dog with cheese is quite common to find.

This kind of hot dog has no condiments either in it but topped with lots of cheese.

The cheese is usually American cheese.


The cheese adds calories for sure to the dish

and the calories of this kind of hot dog become “around 358 cal”.


Hot Dog with Ketchup and Mustard
Hot Dog with Ketchup and Mustard – Photo by Victoria Shes on Unsplash


  1. Hot Dog with Ketchup and Mustard

As we know,

the most common type of hot dog to sell by the street vendors,

or by restaurants is the one with ketchup and mustard.


This is the classic one and basically everyone knows this type of hotdog.

The calorie of the hot dog is “approximately 284 cal”.


How to Make Hot Dog Lower in Calories?


Whole Wheat Bun
Whole Wheat Bun – Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA on Unsplash


  1. Use Whole Wheat Bun

If you concern about how many calories in a hot dog and want to make the delicious dish healthier,

you should start by using the right type of bun.


Instead of using regular white bun,

which can be slightly higher in calories and have lots of sugar in it,

you should choose the white wheat bun.


They are packed with fiber and only have 96 calories”.


Vegan Meat
Vegan Meat – Photo by Paul Kapischka on Unsplash


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  1. Use Vegan Meat

Vegan meat is made out of soy, or sometimes mushrooms.

They taste as delicious as the real meat.



they are lower in calories,

and this is a great option for those looking for healthier type of meat to fill the hot dog.


Healthier Sausage
Healthier Sausage – Photo by angela pham on Unsplash


  1. Make Your Own Sausage

By making your own sausages, you can control what goes in it.


Use turkey or chicken as the main protein.

They are lean and low fat.


You can also use rolled oats instead of regular flour to bind the sausages together.

The result will be so much healthier and lower in calories.


That is basically what you need to know about hot dogs and its calories count.

When you are on diet program,

surely you can still eat hot dogs.



this food needs to be made way healthier and lower in calories.

You can do that by using the right type of meat and bun.


It will be healthy,

so you do not have to worry about how many calories in a hot dog anymore.

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