Easy Guide: How To Delete Instagram Account

If you are thinking of using a social networking site such as Instagram, chances are that you have no idea how to delete an Instagram account.

This is because Instagram was not an option offered by Facebook when the latter company purchased the social networking giant.

Hence, learning how to delete an Instagram account is important because as you will see, there are certain differences between deleting a Facebook account and an Instagram account.

First of all, when you want to delete something on Instagram, it will be removed from the user’s profile for a period of five days.

As mentioned, this is much easier than creating an account. However, it still pays to note that deleting an Instagram account permanently is permanent and non reversible.

As such, you can always opt to deactivate your account rather than deleting it. The latter is only applicable if you have more recent photos that you would like to erase.

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Clearly Deleting Data From Facebook – Instagram

To deactivate the account permanently, you need to go to your Facebook account and do the activation procedure there.

In Facebook, it will take you just a few clicks before you will be able to reactivate it.

You will not have to go through the process of building an entirely new profile, nor will you have to reactivate it for every new picture or any other updates.

delete instagram acoount
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When you switch to the app to look at your instagram pictures, there will be a drop-down menu on the top right corner. Clicking on it will allow you to permanently delete the app.

This option is present on every app you see in the Facebook. However, this drop-down menu cannot be accessed if you have not yet downloaded instagram on your phone.

For some users, they will be able to access this drop-down menu by simply tapping on “Open” and then ” Instagram.”

Choose Setting Option

However, this is not the case for everyone. If you have already downloaded the app, you should go to “Settings,” then “Change Profile.”

Here, you will notice that you can now change the way you want to go deactivate or enable the app.

If you choose to enable it, you will see a check box prompt with an option of changing it from the ” Disabled” to “ON.” If you choose to disable it, you will see a red check mark in the status bar of your phone.

It is very important that you learn how to delete Instagram since this is a feature that you cannot do until you are aware of how it works.

When you want to change how it permanently becomes deleted, click on “Settings” and then tap on “Manage Delete Permissions.”

Under the heading of “idium Settings,” scroll down to “Apps and Platform.” Once you have located the appropriate apps and platforms, just tap on the plus sign next to the Instagram icon.

This will enable you to find and enable the app, which you should now tap on to remove it from your device.

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To request the permanent deletion of your account:

  1. Go to the Delete Your Account page from a mobile browser or computer. If you’re not logged into Instagram on the web, you’ll be asked to log in first. You can’t delete your account from within the Instagram app.
  2. Select an option from the dropdown menu next to Why are you deleting your account? and re-enter your password. The option to permanently delete your account will only appear after you’ve selected a reason from the menu.
  3. Click or tap Delete [username].

If you’d like to delete a different account:

1. Click or tap the username in the top-right of the Delete Your Account page.

2. Click or tap next to Edit profile and select Log out.

3. Log back in as the account you want to delete and follow the directions above.

After 30 days of your account deletion request, your account and all your information will be permanently deleted, and you won’t be able to retrieve your information.

During those 30 days the content remains subject to Instagram’s Terms of Use and Data Policy and is not accessible to other people using Instagram.
It may take up to 90 days to complete the deletion process after it begins.

Copies of your content may remain after the 90 days in backup storage that we use to recover in the event of a disaster, software error, or other data loss event.

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The trick to learning how to delete Instagram is knowing how to use the browser window delete function.

You basically want to click on the trash can icon that is displayed on the right upper corner of your screen. Once you tap the trash can icon, a drop down menu will appear that will allow you to select “browser.”

Tap on “browser” and then tap on “OK.” After this, you will need to go into “Settings,” then tap on “Touch Settings.” Scroll through the list of options until you reach the final selection that says ” touchscreen Auto Layout.”

Once you have done so, touch the “Off” button next to it. This will completely delete your instagram account from your iphone.

If you are interested in learning how to completely erase your iphone’s social media account from your device, make sure to check out our tutorial by clicking on the link below.

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