How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car in 3 Simple Steps

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car – Talking about hard-to-remove odors in cars,

cigarette smoke is one of the strongest and most difficult ones to rid of.


It is because the smoke pierces into the carpet, tapestry, and even infiltrates the air conditioning system of the car.


If you are wondering how to get smoke smell out of car so that your vehicle can smell like a brand new one,

this hard-to-remove smell can be removed in easy steps.


How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car with No Hassle


To remove the smoke smell out of your car’s tapestry and carpet, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner specifically made for cleaning the car’s tapestry and carpet to thoroughly clean them.
  2. Make sure the device is able to reach the area under the seats and between the gaps because the old cigarette ash tends to leave in those areas.
  3. Then, sprinkle the surface of the carpet and tapestry with baking soda and leave to rest for several minutes.
  4. The baking soda is used to remove the smoke odor and neutralize the interior scent of your vehicle.
  5. Take the vacuum cleaner and use to clean up the baking soda after it has sat for quite some time.
  6. Sprinkle more baking soda if the smoke odor still lingers in your car. This will also help to remove the smell further.
  7. You can also consider placing an open jar of baking soda within your vehicle for a night to help capture all the hard-to-remove smell.


How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car
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The smell of cigarette smoke can also pierce into your car’s leather seats,

but you can get rid them off by following two simple steps below:

  1. A cleaning product that is specifically formulated for specific coverings is required to remove the stubborn smell from your car’s seats.
  2. If the seats are made of leather, it would be best to use the cleaner made for leather.
  3. Spray the cleaning liquid over the seats’ surface and wipe it for multiple times since the smoke smell can often get deep within the leather material.
  4. The stubborn odor and residue left behind within the interior of your car are possible to be entirely removed by several cleanings.


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Get Smoke Smell Out of Car
Get Smoke Smell Out of Car – image source:


The smell of cigarette smoke will trap within the vents of your car if you smoke inside the vehicle.

There are three easy ways you can do to remove this unpleasant odor, as already mentioned below:

  1. To remove the smell, you can use odor eliminator products that you place near the car’s air conditioning system.
  2. Turn on the air conditioning system to the maximum level so that the odor remover can pierce deep into the car’s vents and surfaces.
  3. Consider turning on the air recycle as well to let the smell eliminator stay longer within the vehicle.
  4. Put the odor eliminator in a cup holder and press down the valve so that it can automatically release the mist.
  5. Leave the car run for around 15 minutes to let the eliminator product enter the air conditioning system.
  6. This is actually the easiest way you can do on how to get smoke smell out of the car, but on rare occasions, this method won’t be able to solve the problem. Thus, consider using the two other methods above.

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