House Plans – In facing the lack of space and the high cost of current property land like house plans ideas,

you need to think of a workaround to overcome the problem.

One of the easiest ways is to build a mini-sized residence.

Minimalist house


building mini-sized residence should not be at random.

There are a number of challenges that must still be carried out.

The following are some minimalist house designs that use wood as the base material.

Minimalist house

Build a Small Wooden House in the Middle of City

House For Sale : 

Why do you have to use wood?

Well, besides the wood has natural accent that is quite soothing and suitable for small houses,

Minimalist house

this material also has a strong enough resistance,

so it is expected that when using wooden materials,

your home will have a long life.

Minimalist house

  • House Plans – The contemporary symmetrical house

Because of its characters that were easy to form and sturdy,

wood is also often used as a frame for the construction.


In addition,

if you want a spacious house, you have to expand the open spaces,

such as the number and size of the window.

Minimalist house


by building symmetrically shaped frames,

you will also indirectly shape your house to be symmetrical. If you follow the symmetrical form,

there are several split decisions.

Minimalist house

There are some who hate it for being old-fashioned,

but the others may like it because of the classic and natural accents that are given(house Plans).

Minimalist house

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House Plans – Despite the split arguments, homes with symmetrical shapes can save your light needs,

thanks to the many windows that exist.


Another advantage with the design is the shady atmosphere given due to the many shades in your home.

With this atmosphere, you will definitely feel more comfortable.

Minimalist house

  • House Plans – Triangular house shape

In addition,

if you belong to some people who consider symmetrical house shapes to be an ancient form of home (house plans),

this design might suit you.


By transmitting an uneven triangular shape taken from the roof to the canopy,

Minimalist house

and then go straight from the balcony,

this house looks very unique but still harmonious.

The interior itself is dominated by white and beige to emphasize the simple impression of the house.


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  • The blockhouse

The first time you see the design of this house (house plans),

maybe in your mind you will imagine an office building, but only equipped with a maximum of two floors.


This type of house usually has a fairly large interior,

considering the equal division of space between each other gives the opportunity for some rooms to stand out more than the other space.



you can still create some rooms by dividing them into uneven parts or even make a linkage between one room and another.

Minimalist house

Well, those are some unique minimalist home designs which the majority is made from wood.


Although it has a fairly unique form since the material used is wood,

it will not be too difficult for the construction process.


You also do not have to worry anymore about not being able to have a dream home with a narrow land area.


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