How to Open a Locked Door – 6 Worth-learning Tricks DIY

Easy way to Open Locked Door

How to Open a Locked Door – Imagine being inside a toilet and you cannot open the lock. Well, it sounds dramatic already.   Not until you panic and try to get yourself out. You may bang the door, try unlocking as calm as possible, but nothing seems to be working.   To avoid such … Read more

Bedroom Door Ideas | Interior, Doors Ideas, Creative Designs

simple bedroom

Bedroom Door Ideas – Door is an essential part of any house, yet it receives minimum attention. Not many people consider door as part of house decoration, therefore any kind of door option will do. The truth, door is an inseparable component of a living space.   Once you choose the right one, you will … Read more

Sliding Glass Doors For Simple-Minimalist House Model

simple doors design

Sliding glass doors are getting more and more popular these days, especially when people start to live in small space. There is no doubt that this kind of door is capable to save more space at home because instead of being opened forward, the door slides right to left, so it does not consume any … Read more

Steel Door Ideas For Modern-Minimalist House Design

coated steel unique doors

Steel door is made of steel obviously. It is included in one of popular doors to have for homeowners. There are some reasons behind its popularity. Let’s dig further about this door. Well, it is known to be a good door that offers energy efficiency and security.   Moreover, there have been many styles to … Read more

French Patio Doors Ideas – Elegant & Modern Backyard

french doors ideas

French patio doors are used to separate two spaces and in this case, there is indoor and outdoor space. It is actually a French door that has been used widely as an interior door or entry patio.   Why is it so popular? As known, this door offers a visual connection, while it also gives … Read more

Best 22 Comfortable and Safe Door Handles Design

Door Handle – Selecting a door handle might be simple, but it is not always that easy. You must be aware of selecting the right door handles when having your parents and babies inside of the house. It is important to think of since everybody in your house will likely use the handles. Therefore, let’s … Read more