25 Best Living Room with Fireplace Ideas – InspiraBuilding.com

Design of Living room brick fireplace

Building a living room with fireplace is something that everyone should consider. This fireplace is also called as indoor fireplace and indeed it brings tons of good things into the house.   For you who love making the living room look unique and stylish, fireplace is certainly one of the installments you need to install … Read more

20 Best Fire Pit Decor Ideas for Backyard and Outdoor Place

Fire Pit Ideas

Fire pit is the best way for enjoying yourself with friends and family. In general, the basic purpose is for keeping the warm while you keep the fire at certain level. You can find two kinds of this pit: outdoor and enclosed indoor. For outdoor pit, you can choose some ideas that are applicable as … Read more

Fire Pit on Grass – Inspira Building

firepit on grass

It is satisfying when you have fire pit on grass in the evening of spring or autumn season. You can have a warm talk with families or friends in the garden, fireplace while enjoying direct fire warmth. However, to be in a safety talks when using it, you need to consider some of the following … Read more

Few Steps To Build Best Design Outdoor Fireplaces with Patio

outdoor fireplaces

An Outdoor fireplaces patio is such a great design that incorporates a fireplace with outdoor patio. Setting up budget and developing patio design are things to start with. However, the home interior should also be taken into account. Unless you are going to build a pre-made chimney and firebox around the patio, firebricks also have … Read more

Backyard By Design Custom Simple Ideas

beautiful fireplace ideas

Backyard By Design, When you have enough space in backyard, you may need some ideas of custom backyards. Making backyard interesting and comfortable is so useful. It is not only for you and family, since your neighbors or friends can also have good times in backyard. With good designs, you can do several interesting activities … Read more

Backyard Living Inspiring Ideas to Level up Your Space

cozy oudoor patio backyard paver design

Your backyard deserves the same attention as the other part of the house. Unfortunately, not many people seem to pay enough attention for this section. Backyard living is actually your way to achieve cozy living space at its fullest. While there are plenty of backyard design ideas to adopt, there is always enough space for … Read more

22 Best Fireplace Ideas – Beautiful & Elegant Fireplace Style

Thinking about fireplace Ideas is already warming during this chilly season. Offering warmth and friendly ambience, fireplace design ideas is a necessity for living room.   Aside from making cozier atmosphere, fireplace is in fact able to enhance the value of your room.   Whether it is traditional, modern,or contemporary concept you are having in … Read more