Cozy House Design with the Best Air Circulation

interior design best air circulation

During summer, temperature in house becomes higher. This makes people less comfortable staying inside. In this case, high temperature is the cause, but air circulation in your house also becomes the other problems to deal with. When you have better air circulation, the temperature can be lower. Moreover, the air inside your room can be … Read more

39 Best Interior Design For Dark Room Ideas – Cozy & Attractive Room

Room Design Ideas for Dark Accent - Brightening Room Ideas

As you know, some major renovations in most cases may be inconvenient and expensive for interior design dark room.   But, when your house has minimal natural light, you would probably need to lighten things up as dark room can look moody and cramped.   Beyond aesthetic, the color can also impact mood on your … Read more

Best 50+ Considering The Different Lamps for Master Bedroom

bedroom table lamps

When it comes to create a romantic or relaxing ambiance in your bedroom, lamps for master bedroom could do the way. You might think that bedroom does not need much lighting since the main function of this room is for taking a rest or sleeping. However, you have to take into account that there are … Read more

Kitchen Pictures and Ideas for Small Space – Kitchen Inspirations


Home design has many aspects based on where you decorate it. One of them is kitchen as a place to prepare the food. In past time, people did not care much about this area except you had big house. As long as the kitchen was reliable and useful, you did put much touch and decoration. … Read more

Kitchen Set and Decorating Ideas to Make the Room Look Spacious


It is common to have kitchen set in your kitchen. However, sometimes the set make your cooking area look narrower. It may also make you feel less comfortable in cooking. That’s why you should get some good suggestions or tips to manage your small kitchen, so it is still comfortable although you have the set … Read more

42 Best Hanging Lamps | Beautiful “Minimalist-Modern” House Design

pendant lights

Hanging Lamps – When you want to make your house look better, lamps is important element to get your attention.   Although the main function can only be seen at night, in fact they still can give good part of decoration, even during daylight.   Then, when you talk about lamp fixture, hanging lamps can … Read more

40 Best Glass Lamp Shades | Beautiful Lamp Shades For Modern House

hanging glass lamp

Glass Lamp Shades – When you have table lamps, you will need glass lamp shades. The shades may look like simple tool and it is additional part. Some people even think that it is unnecessary.   In fact, the lamp shade has important function as it can protect your eyes from excessive glare from the … Read more

Best Bedroom Lamps For Your Cozy Private Area

modern table lamp

Bedroom Lamps – In your bedroom, you will need bedroom lamps. Although you have to sleep without lamps, you still need the lighting in other occasions. Well, there are various kinds of lighting for bedroom. When you are planning to decorate bedroom, at least you should have some considerations regarding the lamps and its lighting. … Read more

Tripod Floor Lamp Best Ideas to Decorate Your Room

tripod floor lamp

Lighting gives important function in the house as it illuminates the whole area. Moreover, it also gives contribution for the room decoration. Related to decoration, you will be able to find various designs of lamps and lighting fixtures. In this case, tripod floor lamp is one of the common fixtures to choose. It has specific … Read more

28 Best Bedside Lamps – Cozy & Elegant Bedroom Ideas

metal retro geometric table lamp

There are many things to consider before buying bedside lamps. The lamps, also known as night lamps or reading lamps are sought so frequently, especially by those whose hobby is reading a book before sleeping.   The lamps are usually placed on a nightstand or at the edge of beds. Interested in buying them? Here … Read more

Hanging Lamp – Fill the Exotic Modern Living Room

lighting ideas

In a house, lighting has important roles. During the daylight, it may be less important. However, the lighting is needed at night. In this case, of course you may start to look for ideas for installing the hanging lamp for your house. Many ideas can be found, even when you want to bring concept of … Read more

Accessories of Wall Lamps Suitable for Basement

lamp mettallic design ideas

Having basement can be a good way to get extra space in your house. The area can be used for many purposes; even it can be one of the rooms instead of using it as storage. However, having basement requires good consideration since the room is lack of ventilation and source of light. Sunlight cannot … Read more

Best 28 Suitable Pendant Lamps for Family Room

Lighting Fixture The rooms need a lighting fixture to keep them visible, especially during the evening and at night. You can install a regular lamp at the ceiling for such a purpose. Each room has a different vibe and function that affects the way the homeowner installs the lighting. For the family room, the pendant … Read more

13 Best Traditional Indoor Light – Inspira Building

contemporary wall-mounted lamp traditional style

Traditional Indoor Light – Some people may think traditional house is not interesting and comfortable (Traditional Indoor Light Design). The design may look less convenience compared to modern ones.  In fact, it is not fully true. The building and decorative style has nothing to do with comfort and calm sensation.   Well, modern house can … Read more

40 Best Indoor Light Design | Minimalist-Large House Spaces You’ll Love

Indoor Light Design – Minimalist house does not require extra attention when it comes to choosing light fixtures like indoor light design ideas.   However, it does not mean you can choose any random light and install to the ceiling as it is going to ruin the minimalist concept of the room.   So, what … Read more