A notebook, cheap notebook for student also known as a laptop, can be a valuable tool for students as it allows them to easily take notes, research and complete assignments on the go. Many universities and schools also use online platforms that require access to a computer, so having a laptop can be essential for

How to delete a comment on Instagram is easier than you think. This article will walk you through how to quickly remove a problematic comment from your page. The first thing that you need to do is open the Instagram application on your iPhone or from your web browser and log into your account. Tap

If you are new to the world of Cryptocurrency, the question on the best way to buy dogecoin will likely come up at some point in your journey to get involved. Dogecoin is a relatively new, lesser known type of Cryptocurrency, which was created as an “insider” currency – with a group of “anarchists” as

Although it only requires pressing a few keys to instantly take a screenshot on Mac OS X, the truth is that Mac screen capture has never felt quite all that intuitive to users. This is probably because there are actually two different ways you can take screenshots on Mac OS X.   The first method

Surely, a lot of people are asking how to print multiple slides on one page when they are using Microsoft Power Points.   When there are like 30 plus slides and you need to print all of them, it will be such a waste of paper if one sheet of paper can only contain one

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One – Bluetooth headphones are a practical item that gains intense popularity in recent years.   It works with various types of devices, but there are some Xbox One users that report connection struggles between this wireless piece and their console.   The following guide will show how

If you are kind of person who love long baths, you should consider a bathtub tray. Bathtub tray for laptop is able to help you to take laptop, book snack or other things while taking shower with no worry about falling them into water. However, it would be somewhat tricky to choose the right bathtub

Install Visual Studio 2019 Bagi Pemula – Visual studio merupakan suatu IDE ( Integrated Development Environment) dari microsoft. Software ini digunakan untuk mengembangkan program komputer yang meliputi : website, web apps, web service, dan mobile apps.   Visual studio menggunakan software development platform dari microsoft seperti: Windows API, Windows Form, Windows Store, dll. Visual studio