11 Plans For Modular Homes With 2 Bedroom Minimalist House Decor

Modular house has become the newest ‘it’.

There are several advantages that this house type has over the conventional one.

You can save extra money and customize the design to your liking.

minimalist house

If you are not a fussy person,

this is a chance to build minimalist house of modular type.

What does it take to build simple modular house for people with modest lifestyle?


Contemporary Modular Home Ideas
Contemporary Modular Home Ideas


Modular Home Design
Modular Home Design


Designing Minimalist Modular House Perfect for Modest Living

This type of house differs from traditional and mobile homes.

It is not built where the house will reside.



the house is built in some sort of factory.

The house can be constructed significantly faster than traditional house because it does not rely on outdoor weather.

It is also said to be more energy efficient than conventional house.


When you are planning to build a simple modular house,

there are some concepts that you should keep in mind.

The first thing is its shape.

Modular house comes in varied shapes.


To amplify the house’s minimalist style, you should choose simple shape.

Cube-shaped house is one of the most common shapes chosen in modular house design.

It is certainly easier to build a house in such shape.

You will not find issues when trying to find furniture pieces to fill it.


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Minimalist Container House Design
Minimalist Container House Design


Modern Container House Design
Modern Container House Design


Portable Container House Ideas
Portable Container House Ideas


Minimalists love small houses

This concept should be employed in the process of building your modular house.

When you do not have too many clutters in your life,

there is no need to build large house.


You do not need to spend hours to clean it.

Small house is also more desirable for minimalists because it does not require demanding maintenance activities.

It is also more energy efficient in general.

A 1,000 square feet house is a good starter if you do not want to downsize too much.


Openness is a concept that you will often find in minimalist house.

This concept is often shown in the form of big windows and open layout.


house with minimalistic style tends to be small.

To prevent the house from looking crammed,

big windows are added because it connects the inner part of your house with outside world.


Modern Minimalist House Design Ideas
Modern Minimalist House Design Ideas


Beautiful Container House Ideas
Beautiful Container House Ideas

Big windows also enable good air circulation within the house

although in tropical climate it may bring problems like flies and other insects into the house.

Big windows allow natural light to get into the house,


lowering your energy consumption because you do not need to turn on lights during the day.

You should request big windows from your modular house builder since that will be good investments.


Big Window Container House Design
Big Window Container House Design


Beautiful Architecture Minimalist House Design
Beautiful Architecture Minimalist House Design

      In small minimalist house

You will often find rooms that are not divided by walls or even multipurpose rooms.

This open layout allows you to make the most out of your room.

You can combine dining room and kitchen to save space.


Utilizing a kitchen island as your dining table is a great way to save space.

To divide the dining area with living area,

you can place a bookcase to mark the border between two rooms.


To conclude,

minimalist modular house that will suit simple people should have straightforward shape and compact size.

They also need to adapt open concept in its layout.

Without doubt, this house type will be an ideal house for people who prefer to live with less.


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beautiful modular house inspiration
modular house

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