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China Kitchen – Modern Classic Kitchen Room Decoration

As we know, many things about Chinese tradition and culture are interesting. Heritages really attract attention from people all over the world. Decorations become popular parts of the culture. Ideas and concepts in decorations are used in many places as well, especially related to Feng Shui.


Well, it is like a value in decorating and arts in Chinese traditions and these affect local people in building houses and doing many things. It is said that following the concept can provide health, prosperity, and fortune.

Kitchen Design Ideas
Kitchen Design Ideas

In case you are also interested in Chinese decoration and architecture, some important points about China kitchen may be good suggestions, so you may implement the ideas and values in decorating the kitchen.


There are major points related to Chinese decorations and architecture. It is also for the kitchen. Of course, the rules will become the main values to follow by the Chinese. However, those who do not know the values also find that the architecture offers strong characteristics, so people will be able to easily recognize the decoration. These are some points that should get your attention.


  1. The decoration of China Kitchen

In terms of decorations, Chinese arts are easily found in most Chinese decorations, and even these are also found in almost China’s kitchen.

One of the common ornaments is Chinese calligraphy painted on a scroll of paper. It is not just about art, but usually, there are also great values performed by the words.


kitchen colors ideas
kitchen colors ideas

Then, Chinese decoration has good attention in natural aspects. That’s why there will be many kinds of wooden furniture and other things that represent nature. These points can be considered when you are going to bring the concept of Chinese decoration in your kitchen.


  1. The color tone

For color tone, there are some recommended gradations to choose from. Mostly, the colors have a correlation with nature, such as green and brown which represent the trees. Some bright colors are also chosen. However, although red is always dominant in Chinese tradition, it is not recommended to put this color as the dominant tone in the kitchen. It is better to have natural shades.

china kitchen
china kitchen
  1. Feng Shui theory and value

Of course, when talking about China kitchen, we should also talk about Feng Shui. Actually, there are many kinds of values and points to get attention.

However, some major things should be considered. For example, it is not recommended to place a stove near the sink and refrigerator. Stove represents the fire element, while sinks represent water. These contradictive elements cannot be mixed. Therefore, it is better to make some distances.


color tone china kitchen
color tone china kitchen


All of those points can be good ideas and references when you are planning to have a new decoration for the kitchen. Actually, you are free to make your own modifications and improvisation in the concept since it is going to be your own space.


However, paying attention to the Feng Shui and the other points are also good. Even if you do not believe in the values, it still gives good benefits in case you want to have China kitchen.

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