Colorful Sofa Ideas
Colorful Sofa Ideas

Best 5 Choices Colorful Sofa with Spacious Room for Work From Home

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Too many colors can create crowded atmosphere in spacious room.

Instead adding unnecessary furniture, you can rely on colorful sofa to fill the living room.

It is also suitable for the room where people gather and do exciting or cheerful activities.

Well, colorful sofa brings the joy to boost your mood.

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     1.Colorful Sofa : Rainbow Sofa

Rainbow sofa is another name because it has many colors in single set.

You will see blue, green, pink, lavender, yellow, red, and purple.

…and also,

They contribute to make the sofa very attractive and bolder to capture attention.

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Colorful Sofa Design and Inspiration for Living Room Ideas
Colorful Sofa Design and Inspiration for Living Room Ideas – pixabay

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      2. Colorful Sofa : Single Sofa Each

A single sofa has two or three seating sections, and each of them has different colors. The rest of them will cover back and arm rest.

The question is whether this kind of sofa is suitable or not for your room?

In general, everyone has different style and perspective regarding decoration.

There is nothing wrong to try new thing and express what you have in mind.

In that case, this rainbow sofa is good for modern style, family atmosphere, and teenager type room.

Sofa Color Combination - Yellow Sofa Design Ideas
Sofa Color Combination – Yellow Sofa Design Ideas – pixabay


Grey Sofa Ideas
Grey Sofa Ideas


sofa inspiration design
sofa inspiration design

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   3. Bright Color Sofa

Besides many colors in one sofa, you might consider bright color that’s unusual for sofa. For example, having White Sofa design, pink sofa is not common thing to find.

Bright Color Sofa Ideas
Bright Color Sofa Ideas

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   4. Many Sofa Items

This is another approach for colorful style.

The sofa set consists of three or four items with the same design. However, the color for each of them is different.

This is unique way to decorate the room where you intend to try colorful style.


the spacious room means more area for decoration.

Sofa Design Ideas
Sofa Design Ideas

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   5. Gradation Color Sofa

There is idea for color style that takes concept from gradation composition.

When you see thoroughly, each has different color level.


For example, you can pick blue as the basis then bright blue at one side, and the darkest one at opposite side like dark green.

In the middle, blue tone is the conjunction between one and another.

This is what you call as gradation style. Well, the color option is varied, such as red, green, and purple, even black.

sofa with gradient color ideas
sofa with gradient color ideas –

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