Vintage Concrete Planters for Aesthetic View at Home

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Vintage concrete planter is one of the unique planters that will improve the artistic value in your garden.

Some people use it for their plants, both indoor and outdoor area.


The making process of concrete planter is not easy.

It takes some special steps that need to be done,

but the result will never betray each process you have already done.


You can have the vintage look in your home,

and it surely increases the aesthetical value.

Here are some ideas you can do to make vintage concrete planters.


  1. Carving concrete planters

Some of you must have known that vintage concept has a dominant key to show its nuance.

The vintage concept often provides carving motif on its design.


the vintage concrete planters can use this concept to show the touch of classic element.

There are various carving methods, and you can choose the easiest one to be imitated.


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  1. Oldies shape

Second idea to make the concrete planters look vintage is to shape them with old-style shape.

The modern planter always uses new type of shape.

It usually uses the irregular shape to avoid the rigid impression.



to make it look vintage, you need to shape them as regular as possible.

Using the rectangular or semi-circle shape combined with straight buffer is the key.


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  1. Choose natural colors

Try to use broken white color in painting that’s mixed with soft cream tone.

If it has some carvings,

make sure all carvings covered by the same color that you choose, so it looks natural and unique.


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Well, there are many ideas you can do to make vintage concrete planters alive.

Just give the additional paint or use the special technique of painting to make its artsy value stand out.


The most important thing is don’t use the bright colors.

Do it carefully in order to get the best result.

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