How Long Does LASIK Last? Easy to Understand about Lasik

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The question of “how long does LASIK last?“must be in everyone’s mind.

LASIK is one of the most common eye surgeries available.


It has the point of correcting the vision and making sure someone can have clear,


and vivid vision without having to constantly wear contact lenses or glasses,

which probably reduces their physical attractiveness.

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The Answer on How Long Does LASIK Last


If you are not too familiar with LASIK surgery,

there will be information written here.


It includes the answer to how long does LASIK last.

Find out everything about this kind of eye surgery below.


After that,

deciding whether or not you should take this eye surgery will be something not-so-hard to do.


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  1. What is it?

For your information, LASIK is basically a “surgery to improve the vision by reshaping the cornea”.


It can help someone to have clearer vision without using glasses or contact lenses.


In the surgery,

laser will be used to cut the front part of the cornea and enhance the vision.


  1. When Should You Get a LASIK Surgery?

You should get the surgery if you have problem with your vision,

including nearsightedness and farsightedness.


In fact, they are quite bothering,

and you know that the problems are caused by the slightly abnormal cornea shape or position.


In this case, LASIK can definitely fix them up.


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  1. How Long Does LASIK Last?

LASIK surgery is thought to be permanent.

Many people who have tried the surgery stated that their vision improves for years.



“LASIK surgery can last for 10 years and up”.



correctional surgery and constant treatments should always be done to help keeping the vision healthy and clear.


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  1. Are There Risks of LASIK Surgery?

Like any other types of surgery,

there are indeed risks for the LASIK.

Some of the risks are including dry eyes and double vision.


Dry eyes are caused by the fact that the surgery will temporarily affect the production of the tear in the eyes.


This condition can last for 4-6 months, depending on the condition.


As for double vision,

this condition is the immediate impact of the surgery.

This is very temporarily,



and probably will go away on its own after two to three days post the LASIK surgery.


This is the reason why you should consider having someone around you after the surgery,

just in case you cannot see very clearly at first.


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  1. How to Prepare for LASIK Surgery?

There are many things to prepare for the surgery.


One of the most important things to remember about LASIK surgery is that

the surgery is completely elective and often considered as cosmetic-related surgery.


This is why LASIK is not going to fit to any “emergency” category.



most insurance companies won’t cover the expenses.



now you have everything to understand about the surgery.

Remember the cost of this surgery and where to take the surgery.


It should be something to remember aside of the answer of how long does LASIK last.

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