How to Find Gemstones in Your Backyard – DIY Project

If you are an enthusiast and have a keen interest on gemstones, then you must have wondered as to how to find gemstones in your backyard without any hassle.

Well, if you can spot, you can very easily find various kinds of gems available in backyard.


From ancient times, people have been using various forms of gemstones,

transformation them into valuable ornaments.


Today, you will also not know this, but even common yet precious gemstones can be easily found in your lovely backyard.


When you are looking for the precious stones, you should not only go out to buy,

but you should also determine what kind of gemstone you are actually looking for.


A great tip on how to find gemstones

in your backyard is to determine whether you are after rough or polished gemstone.

Rough gemstone tends to be less polished and therefore more expensive than polished gemstones.


crystals stones healing mystic spiritual quartz rose quartz
crystals stones healing mystic spiritual quartz rose quartz


If you are planning to make your own yard stunning, then you should consider using flagstone.

A simple trip across your neighborhood will reveal many varieties of flagstone,

including schistosomite and tumbled flagstone.

Schistosomite is probably the most popular of these stones.

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This stone is basically created from quartz while tumbling flagstone is made by grinding granite.

These two stones could find a place in a landscaped yard, particularly around a fireplace or a water fountain.


The next step that you should take is to identify what kind of gemstone you want to transform into jewelry or perhaps a pendant.

You should get a rough idea of how much you want to spend.

It is easy to get carried away when shopping for gemstones because there are literally thousands to choose from.


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gems stones crystal gemstone mineral color
gems stones crystal gemstone mineral color


With some basic knowledge on what gemstones look best,

you can pick out ones that will work well with your surroundings.


Many gemstones are commonly found in the United States and a lot of them are quite rare. [highlight color=”yellow”]The most common gemstones are usually sapphires, rubies, and aquamarines[/highlight]. Although they can be commonly found all over the world, some of the most unique and rare ones are only found in the United States or in Australia.


One of the most common gemstones in the United States is [highlight color=”yellow”]quartz[/highlight]. This is because of the wide range of quartz that can be found in the country.

These gemstones come in various shades and colors and can be found all over the world.


For example,

[highlight color=”yellow”]amethyst and citrine[/highlight] are the most common citrine found in jewelry in the US.

This stone has its colors usually faded over time and is hardly noticeable during regular use of jewelry.


Another type of stone that can be easily found by anyone who wants to know how to find gemstones in your backyard is [highlight color=”yellow”]aquamarine[/highlight].

This precious gemstone can often be found at antique auctions as well as in jewelry sold through online auctions and by special stores and wholesalers.


stone stones rocks pebbles amethyst mineral violet dark purple quartz
stone stones rocks pebbles amethyst mineral violet dark purple quartz


It is this gemstone that is used in most jewelry that is sold in gem shops because it goes well with almost any attire.

Because of this versatility, it is often used as jewelry for special occasions such as weddings or graduations.


One of the rarest of all gemstones is the [highlight color=”yellow”]tourmaline gemstone[/highlight].

This stone is often used as jewelry in jewelry stores and also as an art piece because of its dark, fiery red color.


Tourmaline is not found very often today because the mines in which it is mined are fewer than ever before.

This stone is popular in California and some other states, but is generally hard to find.


If you plan to buy a tourmaline ring,

make sure that you purchase one that is an imitation and that the gem is cut and colored properly so that the color will appear natural on your ring.


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