45 Rattan Pendant Light Ideas: Style Guide and Inspiration

Rattan pendant lights have become a popular choice for interior design enthusiasts and homeowners looking to add a touch of natural beauty and sophistication to their spaces. The organic texture and warm tones of rattan can complement various decor styles, from bohemian and coastal to modern and eclectic. Here, we explore some creative rattan pendant […]

Living Room Wall Art | Paint, Lighting, Traditional & Wooden Art

Using living room wall art is one way to improve the look of your interior. Instead of leaving the wall white and blank, you can fill it with a lot of colors, textures and pattern.   Well, wall art is not only merely framed decoration, but it also has many types. Today, you will learn […]

36 Best Living Room Lamps | Style: Minimalist & Elegant Lamp Design

Living Room Lamps – In fact, living room is the center of a house. To beautify this space and make your guests feel more comfortable, you need to put appropriate lamps in the living room.   There are various types and styles of living room lamps, for example the minimalist ceiling lights or Scandinavian-style lamps. […]

58 Best Lighting Design For A Cozy & Creative Architectural Room Decor

Lighting Design – Modern, Luxury, Simple & Minimalist house does not require extra attention when it comes to choosing light fixtures.   However, it does not mean you can choose any random light and install it on the ceiling as it is going to ruin the minimalist concept of the room.   🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸 INDOOR LIGHTING […]

50 Best Considering The Different Lamps for Master Bedroom

When it comes to create a romantic or relaxing ambiance in your bedroom, lamps for master bedroom could do the way. You might think that bedroom does not need much lighting since the main function of this room is for taking a rest or sleeping. However, you have to take into account that there are […]

21 Bedroom Chandelier Ideas: Style and Function

Bedroom is a private area where you can do almost anything to make it real you. It means no one will complain if you place certain furniture or accessories inside the room to define your style in home decoration. For instance, some people assume installing chandelier in the bedroom is too much. On the other […]

10 Kitchen Set and Decorating Ideas to Make the Room Look Spacious

It is common to have kitchen set in your kitchen. However, sometimes the set make your cooking area look narrower. It may also make you feel less comfortable in cooking. That’s why you should get some good suggestions or tips to manage your small kitchen, so it is still comfortable although you have the set […]

42 Best Hanging Lamps For A Beautiful “Modern-Minimalist” Design

Hanging Lamps – When you want to make your house look better, lamps is important element to get your attention. Although the main function can only be seen at night, in fact they still can give good part of decoration, even during daylight.   Then, when you talk about lamp fixture, hanging lamps can be […]

40 Glass Lamp Shades: Modern Elegance for Any Room

Glass Lamp Shades – When you have table lamps, you will need glass lamp shades. The shades may look like simple tool and it is additional part. Some people even think that it is unnecessary. In fact, the lamp shade has important function as it can protect your eyes from excessive glare from the lamps. […]

15 Bedroom Lamp Ideas For Your Cozy Private Area

Bedroom Lamps – In your bedroom, you will need bedroom lamps. Although you have to sleep without lamps, you still need the lighting in other occasions. Well, there are various kinds of lighting for bedroom. When you are planning to decorate bedroom, at least you should have some considerations regarding the lamps and its lighting. […]

10 Tripod Floor Lamp Ideas For a Cozy Private Room

Lighting gives important function in the house as it illuminates the whole area. Moreover, it also gives contribution for the room decoration. Related to decoration, you will be able to find various designs of lamps and lighting fixtures. In this case, tripod floor lamp is one of the common fixtures to choose. It has specific […]

15 Wall Lamps Ideas Suitable for Basement

Having basement can be a good way to get extra space in your house. The area can be used for many purposes; even it can be one of the rooms instead of using it as storage.   However, having basement requires good consideration since the room is lack of ventilation and source of light. Sunlight […]

13 Nice Furniture to Beautify the Bright Living Room Table

It is nice to have bright color of table in living room. This can be good accent and center of attention. Since it is living room, bring colors make the room more lively and beautiful. However, it may be quite confusing to choose the perfect combination of furniture that can blend well with the table. […]

13 Best Traditional Indoor Light – Inspira Building

Traditional Indoor Light – Some people may think traditional house is not interesting and comfortable (Traditional Indoor Light Design). The design may look less convenience compared to modern ones.  In fact, it is not fully true. The building and decorative style has nothing to do with comfort and calm sensation.   Well, modern house can […]

Quality Home Building | Overview With Elegant Decoration

Quality Homes : Being minimalist doesn’t always have to be about dimensions. Color selection can also reflect someone’s personality or something as a minimalist thing.   Minimalist colors are often interpreted as simple and plain tones, like white, black, light brown, etc.   Talking about nature, minimalist often collides elegantly, where minimalism is more to […]

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