wood yard art
wood yard art

27 Wood Yard Art Ideas For Making The Creative DIY Wood Yard Art By Design

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Wood yard artIn fact, the interesting and popular wood yard art that loves by kids is holiday themed yard art.


it provides some characters which are relevant to the children’s world.

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Even if it seems easy to make a cartoon or doll character, the process was not that easy.

Some DIY tips below might help you to finish the yard art in the holiday concept.

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1. Choosing plywood as the early steps

In choosing plywood, you need to find the wood that isn’t warped. The reason is because this wood will stand in any weather outside.

The wood also should be easy to be painted because you will do painting after all processes in cutting the shape finish.

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Don’t buy the same size of wood since what you need in making the yard art is the various sizes of wood.

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2. Character Drawing Wood Yard Art

If you want to get the best shape of wood in your yard art,

make sure you draw the character first before cutting them into pieces.

You can use the help of sticker or printed picture if you are not artistic enough.

You only need to make a basic shape without its detail as it will be the guidance for cutting process.

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3. Cutting the characters

The best tool to cut the characters of wood yard art is by having a jig saw and scrolling blade.

You can simply follow the line that you already draw in the woods

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Furthermore, there are two steps in coloring as the last tips.

You can do the primer coloring in the wood yard art.

After that,

add the second coloring to draw its detail.

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This second step is a form to make the character alive or look alike.

You are drawing for the second time when you do the detail coloring.

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