How to Become a Dermatologist and Every Step to Take


The steps on how to become a dermatologist are quite a lot, and it takes long time to complete.



being a dermatologist is a dream,

especially for everyone who has found the passion in skin care and skin treatments.


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Dermatologist is also a well-paid job.

Almost all of them can earn quite a lot of money every year.

This is why many people want to be in this profession.


Steps on How to Become a Dermatologist


Dermatologist is still a medical practitioner and to become one,

surely you need to get degrees, proper training and certification or licensing as well.


There are steps to take and they are going to be explained here.

Make sure that you know exactly what step to take so that you can be a professional dermatologist later in life.


How to Become a Dermatologist
How to Become a Dermatologist – Photo by Atikah Akhtar on Unsplash


  1. Find the Passion on How to Become a Dermatologist

The first step on how to become a dermatologist is surely to find the passion.

If you have no interest in skin care and treatment, surely you should not be a dermatologist.


Dermatologist is also going to deal with numerous types of skin conditions,

which won’t be such a good sight to see at work every day.


Make sure you know what it takes from here.


Become a dermatologist
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  1. Get a Bachelor’s Degree

Surely you need a bachelor’s degree to start.

Four-year bachelor’s degree in related majors like biology,

physics or math will be good for you to take.


These will help you preparing for the next step,

which is enrolling to a medical school.


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bachelor degree and how to become a dermatologist
bachelor degree and how to become a dermatologist – Photo by Sangga Rima Roman Selia on Unsplash


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  1. Enroll to Medical School on How to Become a Dermatologist

Take the admission test and enroll to medical school.

This is the only way you can get a sort of degree in medical industry after graduating.


Medical schools can take longer than bachelor’s degree but it depends on the student, honestly.


medical school doctor medical
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  1. Apply for Residency

On the second or third year of medical school, usually you have to take a residency.

It is a sort of internship program in a real hospital.


It will help preparing the students to encounter real patients and real activities in a hospital.


  1. Join a Fellowship

A fellowship is like residency but not mandatory.


many dermatologist-to-be would love to join a fellowship,

which is basically used to expand their experience

in dealing with real-life situation at dermatologist’s works.


  1. Get Certification

The last thing to do is surely getting a certification.

After you get your certification or license,

you are now officially a licensed dermatologist.


You have the right to open your own skin clinic or apply to work at hospitals and other types of health centers.


Dermatologist is also needed in cosmetic industry quite heavily,

so that you can apply for job at cosmetic-related companies as well.


The process does take a long time to complete.


finding the passion as early as possible is definitely helpful.


If you start young,

probably you can be a fully-licensed dermatologist before the age of 30,

and then have a long wonderful career in the industry.


This is the reason why understanding how to become a dermatologist right from the start is just a must.

How to Become a Dermatologist and Every Step to Take

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