How Long is Law School Going to Take to Earn Your Degree

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How Long is Law School – Do you currently consider enrolling to law school?

If yes, then you are not alone.

There are numerous people that plan to apply to law school.


One of the most common aspect to consider before making the academic commitment

is how long is law school going to take and obtain a degree.

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The answer is not exactly simple to answer because there are some variables that add up to the time length.


How Long Is Law School to Finish Completed Law Education


When you are calculating the amount of take it requires to graduate from law school,

you should take some factors into consideration.


How Long is Law School
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In the break-down guide below,

the process is going to be divided and explained into a chronological timeline.


  • Before applying to law school, most people typically already gained a bachelor degree as part of the process.
  • It takes about four to five years, depending on the amount of credit hours you take each semester.
  • Bachelor degree is not requirement for most law schools,
  • but it can be extremely beneficial to show your dedication on the application form or your educational resume.
  • Next part to consider when you determine ‘how long is law school’ is the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).
  • It is a standardized test that’s taken by each and every student who wants to enroll to law school.
  • LSAT is quite similar to SAT exam that’s taken by high school students, but it centers on law subject, critical thinking, reading comprehension, reasoning, and logic.
  • The test is a requirement for all law schools approved by American Bar Association.
  • The last phase, which is also the essence of obtaining law degree, is actually attending the law school.
  • Most law schools offer programs that last for three years, and you are not allowed to select your own academic pace, in contrast with undergraduate degree.
  • Students in law school are strictly required to require three years program, with the exception of extending it, but requesting extension is quite rare.


When you total all the years from the phases listed above,

the conventional process of finishing law school will take 6-7 years –


beginning from getting pre-law bachelor degree to graduate from the actual law school with valid certification.


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Now, if you have already earned your bachelor degree and thinking about applying to law school,

the academic commitment will take 3-4 years.


Law School
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The numbers might seem daunting.

However, in general,

law school gets progressively easier after you’ve passed your first year.


By easier, it doesn’t imply on academic aspect,

but the overall students’ mentality to finish your education.


In the third or last year,

you are more likely to concentrate on activities outside of schools such as clerkships,

externships, or moot court.


In conclusion, the education required to build legal career is not short and easy.

The curriculum also includes seminars, fellowships, externships, and many coursework.

It is going to be a massive and expensive commitment.



despite of how long is law school,

if you truly feel like law profession is your call,

then the journey there can be very rewarding and exciting.

How Long is Law School Going to Take to Earn Your Degree

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