How to Get Rid of Chin Fat in Less than 30 Days

How to Get Rid of Chin Fat

How to get rid of chin fat is definitely something a lot of people are looking for.


Having too much fat in the chin area can cause many problems for sure,

especially the one related to the appearance of the chin.


It causes what so called “double chin”.


How to remove all these excess fats?

There are several methods here and you can read about them below.


Methods on How to Get Rid of Chin Fat


  1. Exercise to Remove Chin Fat


  • Prepare a Ball

You can do this treatment with all types of all as long as it is like 9-10 inch in size.

Tennis ball will be the perfect choice.


It is not too hard and the outside part of the ball is a kind of softer and furry,

which is friendlier for your skin.


Clean the ball through and through before using them on the skin.


  • Place the Ball under the Chin

Now, place the ball under the chin, right below the jaw.


If the ball feels too big or too small,

you should adjust the size by getting another one.

It should be able to get pressed by the chin.


  • Move the Chin Up and Down

With the ball between the neck and chin, move your chin up and down,

pressing the ball.


It should basically press down all the excess fat and hopefully giving you a firmer,

less-fatty chin at the end.


  • Repeat for 30 Minutes

The up and down movement should be done for at least 30 minutes.

Repeat the exercise regularly until a significantly-improved chin is formed.


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  1. Firming Cream to Remove Chin Fat


  • Purchase a Safe Firming Cream

There are tons of products out there labeled as “chin firming skin”.

You have to choose the one that feels right for you.


The most important ingredient in the cream should be the glycolic acid.

The acid can help reducing the fat and firming the chin area all together.


Contact your dermatologist for suggestion before trying any methods on how to get rid of chin fat.


  • Clean the Chin Area

Clean the chin area using warm water and cleansing product.

It will basically widen up the pores so that the firming cream can be absorbed by the skin easier.


  • Apply the Firming Cream

Apply the firming cream onto the chin.

Usually it is starting from the back of the neck all the way to the chin.

Massage the chin a little bit throughout the process.


  • Do the Treatment Every Morning and Night

This treatment should be done twice a day: in the morning and at night before going to bed.

If the treatment is done regularly, you can have beautiful chin later on.


After doing the treatment for several weeks, probably around 3 to 4 weeks,

hopefully the skin area on the chin won’t look too fat anymore.


The cream and the exercise will also prevent the skin from becoming saggy.

Do those methods on how to get rid of chin fat,

and you will end up looking great and healthy all the time.

How to Get Rid of Chin Fat in Less than 30 Days

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