get rid of rats
get rid of rats

Easy Guide: How to Get Rid of Rats in Backyard

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Do you want to know how to get rid of rats in backyard? Do you want to get rid of rats in your home? These creatures can become a real headache if they are allowed to grow into colonies. But there are methods to control their numbers. The best thing is to prevent them from coming at all.

1. make sure that all pet food is properly sealed

One way to get rid of rats in backyard is to make sure that all pet food is properly sealed. Rats and mice will find this food appealing and will find a place to live and feed on it. If you have pet food in good condition, this can help prevent the rats from using it as a source for food. But if you don’t seal all of the bags, the food could get crumbled up and go off in the air. You should put them in a sealed plastic bag, so they won’t be able to reach them and get what they want.

2. block entryways and exits for them

Another way to get rid of rats in backyard is to block entryways and exits for them. This is best done with boards or other materials. Rats can easily get onto these materials and get out. It would be best to put up boards four feet high at least, and twice that in width. Rats can get through these materials very quickly. Keeping these areas blocked will prevent them from coming any further.

3. pesticides that kill rodents

There are also rodenticides that can be used to get rid of rats. When selecting this method, make sure you talk to a pest control company to find out what would be the best product for your situation. Be aware that some products may be harmful and others aren’t safe enough for human consumption.

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4. rat repellant spray – get rid of rats

Sprays are another way to get rid of rats in backyard. These sprays work on a two-fold strategy. First, it prevents the rats from getting to your food. Secondly, it kills them. The sprays kill instantly by driving a chemical into their bodies, making them unconscious in less than a second.

Ease of use is the key when choosing an effective method to get rid of rats in backyard. If you can’t find anything at the store, look online. There are plenty of rat repellents that can be purchased online. While some require batteries to operate, most of them are automatic. Just keep them where they will be accessible, such as under the eaves of your house.

get rid of rats
get rid of rats – source

5. rat poison – get rid of rats

The last option is to use poison. This is probably the most dangerous method to get rid of rats in backyard, but it is the easiest. In order to do this, you need to have access to poison, a trap, and an area where you will let the poison loose. Putting poison near food or water is a horrible idea, so always take extra precaution when doing this. For safety reasons, it is better to call a professional before trying this method.

6. using mouse trap

If none of these methods worked, you will still need to get rid of rats in backyard. If you have exhausted all options, try using a mouse trap. They are usually cheap and easy to use. You just set one up, then place it close to the place where you have seen the rats going. When they come out of their cage, the trap opens and the mice are devoured.

7. Build a large hole, fill it with chips and putting poison inside

Another great way to get rid of rats in backyard is to build a large hole with cement and fill it with wood chips. If you are feeling adventurous, you can get rid of them in this way by putting poison inside. Of course, it is best to first have a professional inspect the area and make sure that there are no underground storage facilities for rats. Then, start digging and let your pest problem get solved.

8. Using poison bait – get rid of rats

A popular method used to get rid of rats in backyard is poison bait. This is usually cheap and very easy to use. Basically, you just put some poison in a cage, and set it close to where the rats are living. Whenever the rats get near the poison, they die very quickly. It may take several days to a week to notice the death of the rats, and you do not have to do much during that period, except clean up the mess left behind by the dead rats.

9. Another way is using ultrasonic devices

You can also get rid of rats in backyard using ultrasonic devices. These are normally used indoors because they can easily penetrate various floor and ceiling materials without causing any damage whatsoever. These devices emit high frequency sounds that cannot be heard by humans. As the sound waves reach the rats inside their cage, they get scared and retreat towards the hills where they can hide. Once they are back underground, the device is turned on and the high frequency sounds eat all the food they have consumed within an hour.

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