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Asian House – Tips You Need to Create Asian House Interior Design

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Serenity is the perfect word to express Asian house. The typical house of Asian is commonly chosen for urban house as it is able to provide tranquility in the middle of city crowd. Without too much effort, this concept marries harmony and balance. To create Asian-inspired room, there are several aspects you need to take into account. At the time you are going to decorate your space with Asian concept, the following tips will help you out.

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  1. Asian House – Backdrop

Asia is well-known for its mesmerizing nature and scenic landscape. Miming the landscape and nature is the first method to bring Asian feeling to the house. That is why natural backdrop is an essential when it comes to decorating a house with Asian theme. Make sure the backdrop you bring into the room is neutral with natural color. Speaking of natural color, asian house, earthy tone or leafy green are recommended aside from monochromatic colors. The purpose of choosing natural shade is to provide relaxing ambience, especially when you are decorating a bedroom.

Asian House
Backdrop Design for Wall Decoration


  1. Vivacious color

There is a misconception that Asian style does not go with rich and vivid color. In fact, Asian-inspired house are truly goes with vibrant and rich hues to make it stand out. Asian House, some bold colors such as red, green, or gold becomes great idea to decorate Asian-themed interior. Still, going calm and neutral does not lead you to a wrong direction as well. Choosing cherry blossoms pink or ravishing red will be nice if you prefer oriental style. For Chinese theme, more vibrant colors such as red and green will work well.

  1. Asian House – Textural balance

Harmony is the key of Asian house. When you are trying to bringing Asian theme to any room, make sure you do not overstate certain aspect. Harmony is not merely about colors but also elements and texture you bring to the room. For example, consider to add glass partition or bamboo blinds if your room is too large but you need to use it for different purposes. To add more texture, stone decoration and organic textures will work well, too.

  1. Water feature

This is inseparable part of Asian-inspired living space. Water feature is a wonderful way to define the statement of Asian style. Aside from the fact that it serves as Zen element, this feature provides serenity for the sound of flowing water. Either you install the water feature in the front yard, backyard, or even inside the house, it becomes an amazing addition to the house. Combine with suitable greeneries and sculptural installation to feel more Asian.

Last but not least, Asian-inspired house has some essentials to put into your consideration list. The style is identical with serenity, tranquility, and Zen elements—three things that you must not miss whenever adopting the concept. The way you design, the things you put inside the room, and the colors you choose greatly affect the result of the house. Pay attention to those tips and create the best out of your Asian-themed living space.

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