Ideal Furniture | Best 18 Living Room Furniture Ideas for Modern Minimalist Spaces

   Living room is not just a place to welcome the guests. You need to arrange and manage it properly like ideal furniture needed, particularly for living room furniture. Nowadays, people do not have big living room anymore, especially when they live in apartment and urban area. In order to keep the room in proper order, you need to select and arrange the furniture in proper way. Let’s check the ideas related to this aspect below.

The Ideas of Living Room Furniture

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  1. Small coffee tableIdeal Furniture

The main living room furniture is coffee table. How small is this table? You can have table that’s enough to put the tray for four cups. Put it closely to sofas or couch. If one is not enough, add two tables with the same designs or models. Keep the size as similar as possible to keep the room in the same atmosphere. As alternative, you can try coffee table with extended part or storage space at the below section.

simple chair ideas
simple chair ideas

  1. Ottoman bench and table | Ideal Furniture

You can use ottoman as additional seating place. It is good way to give extra space when you have many guests. Ottoman is easy to move away in any spot. This flexibility becomes the top choice for small living room. Besides seating, you can transform it into table. For such purpose, ottoman is different from other because it has flat and stable surface to keep the things at its countertop.

  1. Double-duty furniture | Ideal Furniture

In small house, living room becomes a place to many activities. If you utilize the space for work, you surely need desk. Instead of desk and table at one room, try to pick single furniture with both functionalities. It saves the space, money, and effort when you have different duty. Well, double-duty product is a common stuff in living room furniture.

  1. Float furniture | Ideal Furniture

Moreover, you may need vertical perspective in order to see the bigger view. You cannot leave any space behind furniture. First thing to do is float furniture attached on the wall. Start with racks or shelves to store the things. Try floating shelves to keep the space at below section. Your room will look wider and bigger with more space to go around without stumbling.

float furniture
float furniture

  1. Low seating | Ideal Furniture

You can have low sofas or couch to give high view. It is related to vertical approach when applying living room furniture. Cozy atmosphere is what you will get from low couch in living room. People usually enjoy sitting and relaxing while interacting each other. To make it more comfortable, just add pillow with the same colors and designs.

Besides furniture, several things are necessary to implement as auxiliary approach. The minimalist room will look bigger with plain and subtle color. So, choose bright color like white, green, or blue to paint the wall. Do not put many patterns as they create distraction that brings inconvenient feeling. If want to display artwork, put it as high as possible.

Furthermore, living room furniture for minimalist space seems limited, but still functional. You only put the main items, such as couch, sofas, and table. The rest will follow as additional. Do not forget to give enough space to walk around freely.

Low seating furniture

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