5 Cozy Bathtub Tray for Laptop With Recommend Materials

bathtub tray for laptop

If you are kind of person who love long baths, you should consider a bathtub tray. Bathtub tray for laptop is able to help you to take laptop, book snack or other things while taking shower with no worry about falling them into water.

However, it would be somewhat tricky to choose the right bathtub tray as well. That’s not because the different functions, but the quality does.


A bathtub tray, surprisingly also can be utilized as storage. Some trays generally come in different structures and compartments where you can easily place laptop or cell phone.

It can make your bathing time more relaxing and enjoyable. Most trays generally made of wood, even though there are also trays that come in various materials like metal, stainless steel or even bamboo.


The design of bathtub tray is fairly simple with handles on each side. It can also feature different design which is able to easily include in any bathroom decor.

The material selection is important since you will use the tray for long time. Therefore, make sure to opt for material that’s durable. Here are several bathtub trays materials to place laptop when you are taking bath.


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  1. Acrylic bathtub trays

Acrylic bathtub tray is able to maintain the water temperature any longer. The insulating property of acrylic can create a warmer surface when it is used. Furthermore, it is also easy to clean.

acrylic for laptop ideas
acrylic tray for laptop ideas
  1. Enamel steel bathtub trays

Enamel steel bathtub tray is considered being hygienic. Moreover, it also has resistant properties toward abrasion, impacts, scratching and also acid. This one is stable and can be matched with your bathroom decor.

Enamel Steel Bathtub Tray Design
Enamel Steel Bathtub Tray Design
  1. Solid trays – Bathtub tray for laptop

When taking bath accompanied with solid bathtub tray for laptop, you may feel like taking bath in such natural sink. The surface is smooth since it has mineral particles in high intensity within.

Solid trays are also durable, and resistant to UV and scratches. Furthermore, they are also easy to clean.

Bathtub trays for laptop
Bathtub trays for laptop – Solid Wooden Design Ideas
  1. Ceramic trays – Bathtub tray for laptop

If your bathroom comes with modern decor, a ceramic tray is the perfect option to complement your bathroom. Ceramic is well known for its durability and fine quality.

Make sure to choose tray with anti-slip coating to prevent dropping down.

Tray Design Ideas
Tray Design Ideas
  1. Bamboo trays – Bathtub tray for laptop

As the name suggest, the tray made of bamboo is somewhat durable and appealing. Well, it is also waterproof. With adjustable construction, you will be able to adjust the height of tray. The design is also able to fit to any bathtub design.

Bear in mind that choosing the right bathtub tray is not as simple as taking bath. In fact, you should also choose the right material to meet your needs. Ensure to choose material that’s durable and affordable.


Once you have chosen the right bathtub tray for laptop, you will be able to do some activities in bathroom. While typing in your laptop, you will also be easily put snacks or drinks next to the laptop. It will make bathing activity become more enjoyable, relaxing and pleasing.


Bamboo Bathtub Tray Ideas
Bamboo Bathtub Tray Ideas


5 Cozy Bathtub Tray for Laptop With Recommend Materials

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