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10 Minimalist Design Interior Concept for Minimalist and Large House

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Nowadays, people love to have minimalist design of interior. This is not just those who have small or limited spaces of house, but those with big houses also want to have the minimalist design. In fact, the design does not refer to small space, yet it is more about simplicity of interior.

Simplicity becomes the key of minimalist inspiration ideas. As long as the design is simple and functional, it can be minimalist, even if it is applied in the big house.

Yet, small house never means minimalist in term of design, since it can also look crowded. Related to this, there are several ideas to apply the minimalist architecture. It is not too hard to use and quite simple.


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  1. Monochrome theme – Minimalist Design

This is the most common concept of minimalist. Many houses with minimalist ideas use the monochrome colors. Although it only has two tones, in fact the interior design still look great, even it can be more comfortable.

Minimalist Design
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Minimalist House Ideas
Minimalist House Ideas – Source:


living room design ideas
living room design ideas – source :


  1. Less furniture

Then, less furniture is needed. Being simple and functional is a must, so it is better to have fewer furnishings and these can cover all of the function.

That is why if you have stuffs and furniture that will only become place of dusts, you need to remove or sell them. They are not a part of minimalist design.

Minimalist Interior Furniture
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less furniture house design
less furniture house design – source :


less furniture design living room
less furniture design living room
  1. Glass and metallic finishing

Then, most of minimalist designs will have glass and metallic finishing in some parts of furniture and devices. The goal is not to show luxury, but it is about reflection. In this case, mirrors can also work well in the design.

Those are some points to apply when you want to bring minimalist concept to your house. It does not mean you have to make big changes. Starting from small things is also fine since drastic changes require time, energy, and money.

Glass and Metal Furniture Ideas
Glass and Metal Furniture Ideas – Source :


glass and metallic house design ideas
glass and metallic house design ideas – source :


metallic house design ideas
metallic house design ideas
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