Bathtub Reglazing Design Ideas
Bathtub Reglazing Design Ideas

Bathtub Reglazing – Get to Know the Refinishing Process of Bathtub Reglazing

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Soaking your body in cozy bathtub after an exhausting workday is a blessing. While enjoying the warm water and aromatherapy, this is the best time to release stress and stretch your muscle. However, it will be a different story if your bathtub is no longer shiny. A dull-looking bathtub is surely a great disturbance for the end of your day. This is why you need bathtub reglazing to bring the shine back. Even though it is almost impossible to refinish by yourself, hiring refinishing company is worth the money. Soon, you will see a shiny bathtub that looks just like new.

You might wonder how the workers from bathtub refinishing company works. In this case, you need to know the refinishing process commonly performed by those workers. Here are some general processed in refinishing a bathtub. Please note that different company may use different techniques or products.

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  1. Preparation – bathtub reglazing

Bathtub refinishing is a messy project that it requires well preparation including dust and overspray handling. To do this, some workers will cover the bathroom with plastic or other heavy duty sheeting to make sure the dust does not go anywhere else. It also includes fan or exhaust system installation as bathtub refinishing will produce disturbing odor.

Bathtub Reglazing
Bathtub Reglazing – Bathtub Inspirational Ideas
  1. Sand down the surface

After preparation, the next process of bathtub reglazing is sanding down the entire bathtub surface. The existing glaze must be removed to ensure smooth surface for the new one. It also makes sure the new finish will adhere firmly to the bathtub. This process is the messiest because it produces dust. You would be better to stay away from the room before the process is finished.

  1. Reparation – bathtub reglazing

In case your bathtub gets some imperfections, such as the chips or cracks, the workers will repair the damage before applying the finish. Different company might have different method or technique in repairing the imperfections. Reparation is necessary as it will give a new appearance to your bathtub. The most important, it avoids lacks or other malfunctions to your old bathtub.

Bathtub Reglazing
Bathtub Reglazing Design Ideas
  1. Applying finish

As aforementioned, there are several techniques and methods applied to finish the bathtub. Generally, the worker will apply a primer before other coating. After the primer is dry, another refinish coating will be applied. The last coating is a glaze that makes your bathtub looks brand new and shiny. How long does it take before using the bathtub? It depends on the techniques and products used by the worker. Averagely, it will take about 2 to 4 days before using the bathtub.

With the correct technique and proper application, bathtub reglazing will be able to last for 10 to 15 years. Even though it may cost a lot of cash for each refinishing, this process is worth your money. You will be able to enjoy the cozy bathtub without being disturbed by dull surface, cracks, or chips on the surface. Contact the nearest bathtub refinishing company in your town and bring a new feeling to your bathroom.

Bathtub Design Ideas
Bathtub Design Ideas – Inspirational Bathtub Design Ideas
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