House of Flowers – Simple Ways To Decorate Beautiful House

House of Flowers

Many homeowners aspire to make their houses seem lively. There are many ways in which you can get that result.

Adding flowers (fresh ones or just the patterns) to various parts of the house will definitely do the work. Transforming regular house to become house of flowers may seem like a challenging job.


The great thing is that flowers will not only make the room looks good. Fresh flowers have benefits such as therapeutic scents and air purifier.

Owner’s mood can be improved too, simply by their presence. Here are some methods that homeowner can try to incorporate flowers in house design.


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  1. House Of Flowers

Fresh flower vase ,placing flower vases all around the house is a straightforward way to add floral touch in home design.

It is better to choose bright color and nicely smelling flowers that are in season to ensure ultimate freshness. In season flowers are also cheaper.


Homeowner can get creative and choose unique mediums as vase. Unused wine bottle and teacup can be cute alternatives to regular vase.


House Of Flowers
Fresh flower vase


  1. Flower Walls

Flower wall is normally used for special occasions such as wedding and outdoor parties. You can actually create one as house decorum.

It will immediately change regular abode to house of flowers. Utilizing fresh flowers can be very expensive, especially since it will wilt in matter of days.


Homeowner can use more durable and affordable material such as tissue papers or tulle fabric. There are many tutorials on the internet that teach steps to build flower wall from scratch.


  1. Floral Artworks – House Of Flowers

Homeowner can also add flower touch to home interior design by adding artworks that has floral theme. Placing floral paintings in strategic locations around the house will be great. The painting can serve as focal point of the room.


Depending on vibe that homeowner wants in a certain room, the painting style may vary. However, it is generally encouraged to add bright colored flower painting for pop of color within the room.


  1. Hanging Flower Vessel

Some people are apprehensive about adding flower vases all over the house to create house of flowers. It can be caused by lack of space. In small space, flower vase will make everything looks too crammed.


Having children and pet can also be the reason. Instead of placing vases on table or floor, homeowner should consider hanging vessels for the fresh flower. They look cute and are capable of saving space.


  1. Floral Upholstery

Having upholstery with floral theme will be fun. However, there is some hesitation because floral upholstery can get obnoxious if homeowner is not careful. It is recommended to choose simple floral prints for upholstery.


That will prevent the room from looking to chaotic. Homeowner is also suggested to incorporate neutral colors alongside these flower theme prints. The cushions should be in neutral color to avoid sensory overload. Earthy colors such as brown will give the room organic look.


Transforming your normal looking home into a house of flowers should be a fun task. Even with these small and menial methods, the change is going to be significant.


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