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5 Concept of Custom Cozy kitchens and bathrooms

There are many benefits you can get from having custom kitchens and bathrooms. Those two areas at the house are incredibly important and high-traffic for sure. That is why they need to be well-decorated, so everyone will feel comfortable using the kitchen or bathroom. If you plan to have your house renovated, mind those two […]

Bathroom Flusher Types and Ideas – What Items Not to be Flushed Down

Bathroom flusher is a toilet that uses water to flush feces and urine through a drainpipe. The use of it has been started long time ago. Nowadays, the toilets may vary and you can choose one of them depending on the needs. Let’s get to know four types of flush toilets. Two-piece toilet – Bathroom […]

33 Cozy Bathroom Vanities Ideas With Modern & Classic Style

Bathroom vanities have been becoming one of the most important features in the bathroom. However, sometimes the design is confusing since there are lots of design options available.   A bathroom vanity is commonly used for storage and other activities in the bathroom. It is such a good site for your sanitized activities and to […]

15 Bathroom Partition Ideas With Plastic & Metal Materials

Bathroom partitions can be found in public toilets or public restrooms. They are useful to separate the large space into several smaller rooms. Even though the partition is rarely done in private houses or residential spaces, you still need to know about the partition, particularly on materials that are usually used to make the partition. […]

28 Exclusive and Comfortable Bathroom Design for Luxurious Rooms

The luxury bathroom is determined from many aspects, such as flooring, wall, bathroom apparel, furniture, and the room size itself. In order to bring luxury touch into the bathroom, you have things to do.   Keep in mind luxury is about feeling exclusive, not related to trick, and money entirely. You can deliver the best […]

33 Various Bathroom Designs for Moderate Room

Bathroom Design – Modern life emphasizes bathroom design as an important space. In the past time, people did not put much effort into the bathroom. Before decorating it, you need to measure how much the space you have. Moderate room can be designed with vast options to find the right decoration. In general, you can […]

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