How to Sync Xbox 360 Controller with Various Devices

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How to Sync Xbox 360 Controller – For a long time,

Xbox 360 has become the flagship product of video gaming console from a giant company: Microsoft.


Having been developed for over the years,

it still deemed to work well nowadays just like it did back in 2005 when it was first launched

– assuming it is being taken care of properly over time.


If you love to use its controller, you may want to know how to sync Xbox 360 controller with various devices,

such as its own console, Windows PC, or Mac computer.


How to Sync Xbox 360 Controller with Console and Desktop Computer


it’s the easiest to sync controller of Xbox 360 with the console where it compatibly belongs.


Here’s how you can do so.

  1. Press and hold the Guide button that placed in the middle of controller to turn it on.
  2. Locate the button of Wireless Connect in the forepart of Xbox 360 console. Press the button away and it should be activated with the indication of light ring in that surrounds the power button being flashing and rotating.
  3. On the controller, press the Sync button that’s placed at the back part near the wired connection. Do it while the light ring is flashing still. The sync process is complete if the Guide button has flashed.


How to Sync Xbox 360 Controller
How to Sync Xbox 360 Controller – Image Source: Wikipedia


The controller is also able to be connected to Windows PC.

If you have the wired model,

you just have to plug it into the USB port then the PC will install its drives automatically and give a notification when your controller device is ready to be used.


On the other hand, if you have a wireless controller version, then you’ll need a receiver.


There are official and third-party wireless receiver models that you can choose of – both perform just as well.


Follow the provided steps below to set up wireless controller to Windows PC:


  1. Plug the wireless receiver on the USB port. If you use the official one from Microsoft, then the driver installation will begin shortly in automatic and you only need to follow the shown instructions.
  2. If your adaptor is a third-party’s product, then a message containing compatibility warning will be shown on your PC. Click ‘Yes’ to proceed and wait a while before installation is completed.
  3. Press and hold the Guide button that placed in the middle of controller to turn the controller on.
  4. On the wireless receiver and the controller, press the Sync button down. Wait for them to blink for several seconds before connecting.


The steps to connect Xbox 360 controller with Mac computer is more or less same with the Windows PC one.

If you use wireless controller device,


then download the driver from GitHub and install it up.

Sync Xbox 360 Controller
Sync Xbox 360 Controller – image source: Wikipedia


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Then turn the controller on, press the sync button on the controller and receiver before they both are connecting.


The tutorial on how to sync Xbox 360 controller with console and desktop computer work for older and newer models,

so you should have no trouble to complete the steps.

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