How to Take Apart Xbox One Controller – DIY with Torx Screwdrivers

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How to Take Apart an Xbox One Controller / xbox one controller disassembly – Just like other devices that have ever existed,

your Xbox controller may experience troubles at some points.


The joystick might be stuck or the d-pad might get disordered.


In these cases, there’s a chance that you will need to disassemble it in order to fix the item.

If you want to know how to take apart an Xbox One controller in easy and quick way, read the following guide.


How to Take Apart an Xbox One Controller Correctly


How to take apart xbox one controller
How to take apart xbox one controller – image source: fictiv


The best tool options to go with when you’re about to disassemble the Xbox One Controller is by using Torx screwdrivers.

They are quite easy to use even for beginners.

You will need T6 and T8 screwdrivers then follow the steps below.


xbox one controller disassembly:


  1. Open the battery cover and lift off the batteries from controller.
  2. Lift its side handles off by holding the controller solidly then mount a spudger in the narrow space between the handle and front plates.
  3. Take the plates at the sides off from the plate at the front by wedging the spudger backward and forward. This step must be done on all the edge of side plate.
  4. Locate a hidden screw that placed behind controller’s label at the center part. Poke a hole by using the screwdriver right in the middle of its If you don’t want to make a hold in the label, simply remove it off.
  5. Use the T8 screwdriver to release all five of 10-mm bolts that placed at the rear part of your controller.
  6. Lift the front plate and back plate.
  7. Hold down the wires with black and red colors at the upper motherboard and detach the welded joints, then detach the attached black and gray wires at the upper motherboard.
  8. Lift off the rumble motors and put them away.
  9. Use T6 screwdriver to take out all the two 7mm bolts that placed around the rumble motors.
  10. Hold the sides of the controller’s motherboard solidly. Lift off the motherboard by wiggling it forward and backward carefully.
  11. After the motherboard has been lifted off, release the six screws underneath it using T6 screwdriver.
  12. Lift off the bumpers by using spudger to release them from securing pegs. The bumpers are placed both on the front side and back side. For this step, it is advised to use nylon spudger because the metal ones may carry the risk to harm your Xbox One controller.
  13. Remove the piece that enclosing Home button. Remove it by using spudger from the pegs from both sides.
  14. Release the lower motherboard and then the rubbers that support controller’s buttons.
  15. Remove buttons from their frame by having them face downward and pushing them.


take apart xbox one controller
take apart xbox one controller – image source: youtube


Xbox one controller disassembly – Disassembling an Xbox One controller can be said to be a work that’s not too complicated.


still there are some risks that you need to be careful of.


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If you want to assemble back the device,

simply use the instructions on how to take apart an Xbox One controller in reverse order.

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