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How to Turn Off PS4 Controller in Easy Steps Using Manual and Automatic Methods

How to Turn Off PS4 Controller – With all the claims from PS4 that stated their controller could last for eight hours by only a single charging session,

fact shows it often could only last no longer than four to five hours.


That’s why it’s important to conserve the power and not drain its battery,

which is achievable by using several different methods.


You may have heard of the most common option:

to turn the controller off when you shut down the PS4.



you are able to learn about other possible options on how to turn off the PS4 controller to keep it running longer.


“How to Turn Off PS4 Controller Automatically and Manually”


When it was first launched, DualShock 4 which comes as PS4 serves as a good surprise for a lot of people.

Many reviewers deemed it the best controller that’s ever made by Sony.


It is truly made the prior generations of the PlayStation controller fall pale in comparison.


ps4 playstation playstation 4 playstation slim joy pad accessory arcade black button
How to Turn Off PS4 Controller – PlayStation slim joypad accessory arcade black button


If you are an avid fan or follower of Play Station models,

you might have been familiar with their previous controller design.


Too knitted looks on its sticks,

the disappointing triggers, and the inconvenience hold for players that have bigger hands.


DualShock 4 came as an answer to these problems.


The sticks are designed to have further distance,

there is a half sunken pit right in the middle to put the tips of users’ thumb.


The controller’s shoulders are rather sunken too so you could hold it comfortably.


In terms of size,

it’s a bit bigger which results in a bit heavier weight, but overall,

it is far more comfortable to have in a hands-on longer time period.


These features make DualShock 4 an immediate improvement provided by PS4 (How to Turn Off PS4 Controller).


However, there is one thing that makes this controller still lacks: it is easily run out of battery – a major intruder if you’re in the mid of an intense gaming session.


On average, it can only operate for 5 to 6 hours,

so you need to learn how to save its precious battery energy.

sony playstation ps4 video games gaming controller
sony PlayStation ps4 video games gaming controller


How to Turn Off PS4 Controller – To spare the battery power and extend the device’s life,

you might want to shut it off temporarily when you’re not using it.


The good news is,

PS4 allows you to do that automatically,

whether you use it on the console or on a desktop computer.


It’s very easy to turn to save some of your controller’s energy if you know how to turn off the PS4 controller.


In fact,

since the PS4 console has the ability to connect to the internet,

people not only use for gaming purposes but also other functions such as watching movies or listen to music,


so it’s very convenient to know how to preserve the energy of PS4.


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Read two different guides below,

as they will show you the way to shut down PS4 controller manually.


  • How to turn off the PS4 controller by using the PS button

The quickest, easiest, and most effective way to shut off your PS4 controller,

is just by using PS button that’s located between analog sticks.


Simply press and hold the button for a while, approximately 10 seconds,

and then let go after it has turned down.


  • How to turn off PS4 controller by using Quick Menu

  1. Press the PS button and hold it for a couple of seconds on your controller, until Quick Menu is shown.
  2. Choose the menu ‘Sound/Devices’ by clicking on it.
  3. Choose ‘Turn Off Device’
  4. Select your controller of Dual Shock when the shutting down screen appears.


Sometimes if you don’t use your PS4 (How to Turn Off PS4 Controller),

you want to rest the controller for a while but forget to do so.


In case this scenario sounds familiar to you,

just set the controller to automatically shut down after being inactive for some period.


There is a set menu in Play Station that allows you to adjust this option.


gaming games gamepad ps4 playstation console controller video game control
gaming games gamepad ps4 PlayStation console controller video game control

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Automatically turned off means that your controller will be shut down,

after being left idle for certain amounts of minutes.


The unused time that you have adjusted within the system will trigger a shutting down process.


Here’s How to turn off PS4 controller automatically in a few easy steps:

  1. Press the PS button and hold it for a couple of seconds on your controller, until Quick Menu is shown.
  2. Choose the menu ‘Sound/Devices’ by clicking on it.
  3. Choose ‘Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off’ then choose one of the waiting time period options, either 10 mins, half an hour, or 1 hour.
  4. Right after you have selected the option and apply the adjustable setting, your controller will shut off automatically according to the chosen period of time.


How to Turn Off PS4 Controller – There are plenty of gamers that choose to connect their controller to desktop computers,

in order to enhance their gaming experience.


When you’re using PC instead of Play Station console,

you are also able to turn off the controller by using setting navigation within the device’s interface.


joystick ps4 game dark red technology equipment controller
joystick ps4 game dark red technology equipment controller


There is no energy being charged by the system from the controllers if it’s turned off.


As an alternative for How to Turn Off PS4 Controller,

there’s a Rest Mode available in Power Save Settings that helps you to save its power.


Follow the steps below to perform Rest Mode.

  1. Open ‘Settings’ menu.
  2. Choose ‘Power Save Settings’.
  3. Select ‘Set Features Available in Rest Mode’
  4. Select ‘Supply Power to USB Ports’.
  5. Then choose between two options between ‘3 hours’ or ‘Always’ Rest Mode.


How to Turn Off PS4 Controller – DualShock 4 controller delighted a lot of Play Station fans and was seen as a refreshing incarnation of Sony’s controller line,


but that doesn’t mean it arrived without some controversies.


One of them being the light bar,

and the primary reason why it’s considered a problem is that users aren’t able to shut off the light bar.


For gamers that don’t care about the light-up aesthetic or don’t use the Play Station camera,

it is said to be an unnecessary power drainer.


Up until now, rather than being entirely disabled, the light bar on PS4 controller,

is only able to be dimmed (How to Turn Off PS4 Controller).


Now that you already understand how to turn off PS4 controller,

make sure you don’t waste too much of its energy.


To prolong its life and goes longer between each charging session,

you could also reduce the light bar brightness or shut off its vibration feature.

controller play gaming play station games device joystick control game
controller play gaming play station games device joystick control game


How To Turn Off Gyro On PS4 Controller – Using Your PS4

How to turn off gyro on PS4 is a common question that game consoles of all brands are asking.

The simple answer would be to get a PSP plug in to the wall. The PSP has its own proprietary port that is exclusive for it.


If you have a home theater system or a cable box, then you can use your TV’s HDMI port to plug in the PSP.

If not, then you’ll need to use a USB to PSP adapter that connects to the PSP using a USB to ENC port and also has its own power cable.


how to turn off gyro on ps4 controller





There are other options such as the use of wireless controllers.


For those who don’t like having to move their hands to play the games, the wireless option is a great option.

But, if you use the gyro option in the games, then you’ll have to physically move your hands to play. This can cause discomfort or even cause injuries.


So, how to turn off gyro on PS4?

One option is to go into the settings and change the resolution. This might not be an option for everyone because everyone is going to have different settings for the resolution.


You could also turn off the auto-updating features on the console.

These features constantly update yourself and when you turn it off, it stops updating.


You could also just turn the gyro off. This will make the controller less powerful.

If you’re not sure if you want to do this, you can always keep it on so that it doesn’t ever deplete itself. But, you’ll never have as many games with a powerful gyro.


Another option on how to turn off gyro on PS4 is to do a search online for tips.

There are actually a lot of sites that have how to’s on getting rid of the gyro. It’s always a good idea to read these before you do anything. Some sites are better than others though. Be careful that you’re getting accurate information and that it’s not just an online rumor or trick.


Just remember that if you ever get stuck on how to turn off gyro on PS4 controller, you’ll have some options. You can go into the settings and change the resolution, or you can just turn off the auto-updating features.


Either way, you won’t have any problems playing the game. If you’re wondering how to do this, you can always go online and find how-to guides that give you specific instructions on doing this.

You can also check out forums where you can learn from people who have been in the same situation.



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