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39 Bedroom Door Ideas | Interior Doors Ideas With Creative Design

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Bedroom Door Ideas – Door is an essential part of any house, yet it receives minimum attention. Not many people consider door as part of house decoration, therefore any kind of door option will do.

The truth, door is an inseparable component of a living space.

Once you choose the right one, you will be surprised of what it can do to the whole decoration.

Below, you are about to find 4 unique bedroom door ideas that are going to bring new feeling inside your private space.

Be inspired and be ready to adopt one to your bedroom or other rooms.

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  1. Pocket Door – Multi Sliding Door

Conventional swing door might be boring. If you feel the same, this is the time to opt for another alternative that will bring a new style to the room.

Pocket door is a great option offering new feeling when open and close the door.

This kind of door is also space-efficient that it does not take much space. Especially when you have little kids, no need to worry about the risk of pinched fingers.


  1. Barn Door – Modern Stainless Steel

Adopting barn door to your bedroom is what you need to fresh up the feeling inside the room.

Say goodbye to conventional hinge door and be prepared to welcome the convenient barn door for your private area.

This sliding door is an excellent alternative that offers convenience, style, as well as new idea for you who are too bored with hinge door.

It can be made from various materials. The slide track over the door makes sure you are able to open and close it without problem.


  1. Wooden Based and Hidden Door – Bedroom Door Ideas

If you often watch detective or mystery movies, chances are that you will be inspired to employ hidden door to the bedroom.

This alternative is totally unconventional, aside from offering additional value to the room.

Hidden door will make statement to your taste in home decoration. As one of bedroom door ideas, hidden door saves space.

Not to mention it can also be concealed as bookshelves that are functional to keep your books, collectibles, or others.


  1. Folding Door – Bedroom Door Ideas 

Have you ever thought to install folding door to the bedroom? This is an anti-mainstream idea that you should not miss.

Folding door employs slide, providing easy access to the bedroom. Besides, it can also save space that makes it a perfect choice for studio apartment or bedroom with space issue.

As the door will be folded, you can put furniture or other things near the door.

There are also several material choices to create convenient folding door for the room.

After knowing options of bedroom door, now you should not choose random door for bedroom or any other space in the house.

There are various choices when it comes to bedroom door ideas, so you can choose one that suits your condition.

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Among many varieties to opt for, sliding door concept, such as folding or hidden door is one that will be suitable for small bedroom. Well, it does not need much space when the door is opened.

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