purple bedroom rugs
purple bedroom rugs

From Barefoot Bliss to Bold Statements: Bedroom Rug Inspiration

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Girls Bedroom Rugs Ideas … Your girl is growing up and needs her own bedroom? Then, it is your responsibility to provide a beautiful and cozy bedroom to explore herself.


Decorating a bedroom is not always about face-lifting.

Even a small change, such as replacing the rug is able to evoke fresh feeling inside the room.

Speaking girls bedroom rugs ideas, there are several ideas to adopt. The most important point to take into account is the rug should be able to represent the characteristics of your girl.


 Baldree 3 Piece Daisy Flower Area Rug

     Baldree 3 Piece Daisy Flower Area Rug

If your girl ages between 5 to 10 years old, she needs fancy bedroom area rug that looks cute. The daisy flower bedroom rug comes in 3 pieces that will complement the beauty of girl’s bedroom.


The dimensions of this area rug are 2’ x 2’ in three different colors; pink, baby blue and dark blue with 1 inch height.

This makes Baldree bedroom rug feels comfortable to spend time. Either reading books or playing with friends. Made from polyester, this is a rug option that should be in your bucket list.


  1. Roxana Baby Pink Bedroom Rug

Roxana Baby Pink

The other girls bedroom rugs ideas that will represent girl’s cheerful characteristics are Roxana Baby Pink. Dominated by pink shade combined with yellow, red, and white accent makes this bedroom rug a focal point inside the room.

This can be combined with tiny sofa for your girl to spend her spare time. Roxana rug is available in various sizes ranging from 2’ to 8’ with 0.63 inch of height. This bedroom rug is made from acrylic material that makes it a suitable option for girl’s convenience.

  1. Fornax Numbers and Letters

Fornax Number and Letters

Bring educative complement to girl’s bedroom with Fornax Numbers and Letters rug. This is a product that you need to teach numbers and letters to your daughter in a nice method. The colorful rug is also effective to teach color, making it a suitable choice for toddlers as well.

This rug is available in various sizes, with the largest one comes in 8’ x 11’ of dimensions. With height of 0.25”, Fornax rug is comfortable enough for girls to spend time.


  1. Melanie Pink Area Rug

Melanie Pink Area Rug

This bedroom rug with simple design will be a perfect complement for teenage girl. Melanie pink area rug is designed with soft shade of pink, blue, and yellow that creates a nice combination and serves a focal point in the room.


Made from cotton material, the braided bedroom rug will be able to elevate the value of girl’s bedroom. The bedroom rug comes in 0.5 inch of height, that ensures girl’s comfort while reading book or gathering with friends.


What is on your mind? Do you have any idea which rug will suit bedroom the most? Actually, there are more bedroom rug choices in the market.

However, those four rug options can be your reference in getting the perfect one for girl’s bedroom, so you will not make a mistake when deciding girls bedroom rugs ideas.


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