How to Screenshot on Samsung Tablet – People have a lot of reason why they screenshot something on their phone/tab.   Got something interesting to share to your family?   Or, probably you need to send a payment proof from your mobile banking app? This is where screenshot plays a role.   If you are

How to Conference Call on Android – A lot of business companies, nowadays choose to use conference call as their communication means and to connect with numbers of listener simultaneously.   This tool allows everyone to connect without having to meet up, which is also beneficial if you want to call your friends and talk

Cara main game android di pc, ya! itu adalah pilihan untuk bermain game yang lebih menyenangkan, saat merasa bosan dengan tampilan handphone kita yang hanya 6inch,   karena terkadang kita lebih ingin untuk tampilan game kita minimal, sebesar layar laptop 14inch atau 15.8inch atau bahkan lebih besar lagi di layar monitor PC 19″, 24″, dll.