outdoor fireplaces
outdoor fireplaces

3 Steps of Building Outdoor Fireplaces with Patio

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An Outdoor fireplaces patio is such a great design that incorporates a fireplace with outdoor patio. Setting up budget and developing patio design are things to start with.

However, the home interior should also be taken into account. Unless you are going to build a pre-made chimney and firebox around the patio, firebricks also have to be noted in order to contour a hand-built fireside.


Before shopping for supplies and materials for outdoor fireplace, try to speak with local building department to observe system requirements and the building consent for your outdoor project.


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  1. Outdoor Fireplaces Patio – Yard survey

To figure out where you want things to go, first of all, you will need to survey the yard. By evaluating the space, you will be able to determine anything like building retaining walls or removing dirt.

Try to make a sure existing site and then decide how to integrate it with your design of patio.


  1. Space measurements

In order to fit the yard with fireplace patio, measuring the space is important to calculate the dimensions.

Bear in mind to incorporate any necessary necessities in order to construct the fireplace and the patio to code.  Take into account any existing system of sprinkler or plumbing that might require relocation or removal.

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  1. Design and layout Outdoor Fireplaces

Before getting into the real design, transfer the space measurement on graph paper in order to sale. Keep in mind to include all elements of landscaping in position to add to the patio design.

Consider connecting the patio toward access doors, exterior walkways, and other outdoor features. In case you need electrical access, gas or even water within the patio or next to the fireplace, remember to incorporate all these inside the design.


Besides the things mentioned above, supplies list and materials should be taken into consideration when it comes to design a fireplace.

Make some choices of outdoor fireplaces patio materials within your prepared budget then avoid excluding permit fees and construction labors to prevent upcoming problems

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