60+ House Design & Interior Design to Give a Simple and Neat Look

If you are planning to change your interior design with House Design Ideas, there are many options to choose.

Just find the most suitable one based on your own preference.

If you are interested to get simple and neat look, there are some ideas to try. These become good reference for you.

Some people choose to have simple decoration for interior.

house design

This does not mean you have only limited stuffs and devices.

In fact, having high technologies installed in house may still look simple.

That is why it is not about the devices, but about how people decorate the house.


  1. Monochrome House Design Ideas

Talking about simple and clean decoration (House Design Ideas), monochrome is good theme to choose.

Combination of white and black always work well in creating simple and clean look.

monochrome design

This can be applied only in the painting, but the colors are also great to use in decorations and furniture.

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Monochrome House design ideas
Monochrome House design ideas


monochrome wall design ideas
monochrome wall design ideas


Dark Color minimalist house
Dark Color minimalist house

interior design

  1. Smart house

Nowadays, people love to use technology in many things (House Design Ideas).

House decoration becomes one of them.

They love to integrate high technology to the house and appliances.

smart house design ideas

Luckily, it is possible to do now. With the help of technology, efficiency can be made to create simple and clean look.

Of course, this requires big allocation of money in order to make the integration.

Modern and minimalist house design ideas
Modern and minimalist house design ideas


House design modern minimalist
House design modern minimalist

Minimalist house ideas.

  1. Minimalist – House Design Ideas

This is the third alternative. People can get simple, neat, and clean look in this concept.

Minimalist concepts emphasize simplicity and efficiency of the spaces and devices.

Therefore, the house will be nicer since things are organized well.

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minimalist house design

Unnecessary ornaments and furniture are removed or reorganized, so functionality of devices is found, and the spaces can be optimized.

Those ideas are some alternatives to get simpler and cleaner look of interior. Of course, you are possible to make combination of them and create your own concept.

Those are only some ideas to consider as your reference.

Minimalist house ideas
Minimalist house ideas


House Design Inspiration
House Design Inspiration

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