modern minimalist room area
modern minimalist room area

25 Best Interior Designs to Make Your Room Look Bigger

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Interior Designs – Having small spaces in the house becomes such a problem for some people.

They have limited area for several purposes.

Of course, this is not a problem without solution.

There are solutions to take in order to get the better interior decoration.

In fact, there are several things to make the home more comfortable.

It is because limited spaces do not mean you have no comfort in the house.

It is just a matter of interior design and there are some tips to try (interior design bigger room ideas).

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  1. Remove unnecessary furniture and ornaments

People love to have many ornaments, such as photo frames, painting, and other ornaments.

You may also think that having some kinds of furniture can make the house more comfortable.

In fact, these become the causes that make your house less comfortable.

With limited space, you need to optimize every inch of your space.

That is why unnecessary ornaments and furniture must be removed.

In case you have some photos,

place them in bigger frames, so some spaces can be saved (interior design bigger room ideas).

interior design bigger room
Minimalist House Design & Ideas – Simple Furniture Design


  1. Choose white –interior design bigger room ideas

White is good color when you have problem with limited space.

This color does not make your room spacious or larger,

but at least it can make you feel more comfortable.

Characteristic of white makes the room look more spacious and brings the effects of simple and clean look.

White Design Inspiration - Living Room Design Ideas
White Design Inspiration – Living Room Design Ideas


  1. Place mirrors

Reflection of mirror can give effect of spacious spaces.

The mirror creates imaginary rooms and these are useful to make it look bigger.


it does not mean you have to place many mirrors.

Some big mirrors in several strategic spots are enough.

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Those become solutions to deal with your limited spaces.

In fact, it is not necessary to curse your rooms and house.

It is more important to redecorate it.

If you cannot add more spaces,

those tricks can be alternative to get the spacious look in your house.

Mirror in living room design
Mirror in living room design – source : Nimvo


Room Design Inspiration - Mirror Ideas
Room Design Inspiration – Mirror Ideas

More Ideas to make Your Room Look Bigger

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