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Quality Homes : Being minimalist doesn’t always have to be about dimensions.

Color selection can also reflect someone’s personality or something as a minimalist thing.


Minimalist colors are often interpreted as simple and plain tones, like white, black, light brown, etc.


Talking about nature,

minimalist often collides elegantly, where minimalism is more to simplicity, and elegance is more to show off the beauty it has.



in terms of property design and color selection,

minimalism and elegance must be willing and able to be united and developed into a new innovation,

to change the way people think about what is elegant and what is minimalist.


Elegant yet Minimalist Type of Home Color Selection


  • Quality Homes : Stand your ground

The first thing you have to do is hold fast to your stand that the basic theme of the property to be decorated is minimalist.


The word minimalism here refers more on how simple and neat the arrangement of furniture,

including the selection and combination of colors.


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  • Choose the basic color of your home

Although minimalism means simple and not many rules,

in fact,

the colors that show the nature of minimalism are also diverse and varied.


But, people who can share their properties with luxury are few,

one of which is the basic colors of white and black.


Although it seems monotone, with a variety of furniture, white and black can look more prominent than before.



  • Choose supporting colors (can be taken from furniture)

If you only rely on elegant and minimalism to the basic room color,

no wonder if your room will quickly feel monotonous.


In order for the impression to feel more,

it needs to be given a little touch of luxury here and there.

The colors that match black and white as the base color are metallic gold, beige, maroon, navy blue, etc.


Choose furniture with the majority of colors like that, or at least those that approach color accents like that,

so as not to appear ordinary.


Just give a few tens of centimeters between furniture with another,

so the luxurious color accents are getting out.


  • Quality Homes : Lighting

Simple and elegant not only deals with coloring but also about lighting.

Putting the light at a certain angle that’s functional and aesthetically good will certainly add to the beauty value of your room.



light in a room comes from three points, namely overhead, backlight, and front light.

For the sake of simplicity, you will only need two points: over the head and backlight.


As the suggests,

the overhead light is the light placed on.



as someone who instructs beauty, the arrangement of lights cannot also be arbitrary.

Choose a small lamp that can reach a large room.


In this way, the power of lamp will not reach many things, and the color produced will tend to be softer.


For the backlight itself, you only need to choose a light bulb in different color than usual.

Well, it is suitable to use when the lighting is dim, such as the yellow or peach light that soothes the eyes.


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