How to connect xbox controller to pc
How to connect xbox controller to pc

How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC – 3 Simple Methods

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How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC – Considering that Xbox is crafted by the same company as Windows,

which is Microsoft,

it shouldn’t be a surprise that both systems are made to be compatible to be connected with each other.


Trying to connect both will make your gaming experience better and it’s actually quite simple to combine the two.

Learn about three different ways on how to connect Xbox controller to PC in the following.


How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC by USB, Wireless Adapter, or Bluetooth

Your Xbox controller might be your favorite gaming device and it’d be wonderful if you can use it to play games on PC.

Luckily, it is possible, and very simple to do.


Before you begin to connect them both, know that there are three methods you can choose as the options: either by USB cable,

wireless adapter,

or Bluetooth connection.


First of all, though, make sure that your Xbox controller is already equipped with the most recent Firmware.


how to connect xbox controller to pc
how to connect xbox controller to pc – image source: needpix


Micro USB cable is a method that doesn’t require you to create wireless connection.

If your Xbox controller is a wireless one, you may just use its charging cable.


Meanwhile, if your controller is a wired version, just simply plug it to the pc just like you’d do to the console.


There are no extra steps or devices needed.

The only downside of using micro USB cable is that there is a physical distance limitation,

so it might not be the best for an entertainment couch setup.


connect xbox controller to pc
connect xbox controller to pc – image source: common.wikimedia


In such a case of couch setup problem, you may want to use a “wireless adapter” instead. Here’s how to do it.


  1. Plug Xbox wireless adapter to your PC’s free USB port
  2. Turn the controller on by pressing the guide button with logo of Xbox
  3. Press and hold the sync button, which located at the top part of controller until you see the logo of Xbox starts to flash
  4. Press the sync button in the adapter and hold it on until the logo of Xbox in the controller go solid and stop to flash
  5. Your controller is ready to be used on PC


If you choose to use “Bluetooth connection” instead, follow the guide below.


  1. Open the ‘Settings’ menu on your Windows PC
  2. Select ‘Devices’
  3. Choose the option of ‘Bluetooth’ by clicking it and then activate the feature
  4. Press the button of guide and the button of sync in the Xbox controller until the logo blink quickly
  5. Turn to your PC and select the menu to add Bluetooth connections
  6. Look for your controller’s Bluetooth name to appear
  7. Complete the pairing process between your Windows PC and the controller


Keep in mind some versions of Xbox controllers may not support Bluetooth connection.



for controller that’s sold and bought after mid-2016,

there is a good possibility that it has Bluetooth feature, especially for the controllers which is sold in bundle with Xbox Series S.


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In this case, you can choose whichever method of how to connect Xbox controller to PC above that you’d like to use.

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