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How to Block Ads on Hulu | Inspira Tech & Tips

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Although many find ads as useful when their internet pages are full with them,

it surely gets annoying.



almost all of internet pages are ads-dense.


Therefore, it seems to be a sure thing to have Hulu got ads as well.

How to block ads on Hulu?

feature image source: Photo by Tech Daily on Unsplash 


How to Block Ads on Hulu
How to Block Ads on Hulu – Photo by Tech Daily on Unsplash


Find out the tricks below,

so you can watch the favorite series or movie without any annoying ads.


Stopping Ads from Blocking the Fun: How to Block Ads on Hulu


Hulu is an on-demand entertainment website

where you can find various movies or series to watch.


You need to subscribe to their service,

but luckily the subscription fee is not expensive per month.



the cheap subscription and the joy of having various series and movies

be easily accessed can be ruined by commercial ads.


Moreover, many of these ads are non-skippable as well.


It’s undeniable that your watching experience will be ruined by ads,

but what can you do?

Luckily, smart netizens got this fixed already.


With these tricks of how to block ads on Hulu,

you can watch your movie/series without any disturbances!


  1. Two-tab technique

This one may be a bit tricky to do,

but you don’t have to install any add-ons nor software by doing the trick.

To do this:


  • Begin by opening two tabs of Hulu with two same contents.
  • Mute Hulu on the second tab; and to the first ad marker, fast forward the show.
  • Pause the show once you put the seek button slightly after the first ad marker.
  • Back on the first tab, start playing your show.
  • Once you reach the first ad marker, switch the tab.
  • Don’t forget to turn off the Mute button to enable the audio.


It’s good that this trick will help you to skip ads without installing any software or extension.


But the drawbacks are inevitable either: it’s a bit tricky;

and for the next ad, you have to do the method from the start.


  1. Using ad skipper extension

To find such extension, from your Chrome browser, go to Chrome web store.

Find ‘Hulu Ad Skipper’ by using the search bar.


Choose one of the extensions offered;

click ‘Add to Chrome’ which will lead to the add-on to be installed on your browser.


After the installation, try to access Hulu with Chrome.

If it works normally,

the ad skipper will detect any ads and prompt the browser to skip it like a magic! ^^


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  1. Blank screen – “How to Block Ads on Hulu”

Other extension may show you different trick to avoid watching commercial ads,

for example, showing white blank screen.


Unless you don’t feel annoyed with such thing,

why don’t you give it a try if number #2 trick fails?


If you are using mobile Android phone instead of a PC,

the most effective way is by using software.


You can search the software on Playstore and install one with good reviews.

One of the best is Blockada


Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to Google Play store and download/install Blockada.
  2. Start the app and click on Blacklist option.
  3. Add the Hulu app to Blacklist.
  4. Enjoy streaming content on Hulu without ads.



if you are Apple gadget users,

you may find the aforementioned tricks of how to block ads on Hulu as hardly feasible.


This is due to strict permission process in any of Apple products.

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