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Nice Furniture to Beautify the Bright Living Room Table

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It is nice to have bright color of table in living room.

This can be good accent and center of attention.

Since it is living room, bring colors make the room more lively and beautiful.


it may be quite confusing to choose the perfect combination of furniture that can blend well with the table.


Well actually,

it can be combined with other bright colors with the same tone.


In addition,

having darker accents may also be good to point out the bright table.


Here are some recommendations of furniture combinations.


  • Furniture : Chairs or sofa

This is the good combination for the table.

Well, table needs chairs or sofas and you can choose based on the design of table.


When it is low or like a coffee table, the sofa is better choice.



when it has good height, you may choose chairs.


For color,

just make combination of dark and bright to spot the table, or make combination of bright colors.

Both of them can work well.


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Best sofa choices | Free Source Pict :


brown sofa | Free Source Pict :


wooden Chair | Free Source Pict :


Chair on Living room | Free Source Pict :


  • Lighting

This is important part of house. In choosing lighting, you must consider the fixture well.

When you have no reference, floor lamps can be good choice.


Just place them on some corners.

Then, there is hanging lamp with long fixture if you prefer lighting from above.

You can dedicate a lamp to spot the bright table.


Nice Lighting for Living Room | Free Source Pict :


Simple Lighting for Living Room | Free Source Pict :


Calm Lighting for Living Room Table | Free Source Pict :


Nice Lighting For Bright Living Room Table | Free Source Pict :


Best Lighting | Free Source Pict :


  • Vase

This is good additional part to make the table more beautiful.

Place small vase with flowers as table centerpieces,

then you can have bigger ones to be placed on the corner of room to add beautiful decorations.


These ideas are simple enough to combine your bright table.

You do not need to worry about the color since most of them can blend well.


Creativity is needed to make better combination, so the bright table will be good part of your house decoration.


ceramic ornament furniture
Ceramic Ornament | Free Source Pict :


Ceramic Vase on the table | Free Source Pict :


Glass Vase | Free Source Pict :


Glass Vase on the table | Free Source Pict :
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